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Luis Enrique: “I understand the morbidity, but there will be changes in these concentrations” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Luis Enrique: "I understand the morbidity, but there will be changes in these concentrations" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

After giving his version on the reasons for his breakup with Robert Moreno, Luis Enrique wanted to focus on the transgaming.orging theme. The coach assured that it will give its nuances to the selection, but that there will be no big changes. However, he issued a warning to the players: only those in better shape will go to the Euros: “There will be players who are fixed that if the last two months do not fly they will have fewer options to go.”

What stage of the team are we at? “There is nothing to fix, the Selection has been rated brilliantly. The heads that make the last decision have changed but the staff remains the same. Players should be very calm if they do their job well. Those who can come in, those who have gone with Robert and not me, some will repeat, some will not. I’m just thinking about the benefit of the selection. Of course we have a team, and a very good team.”

How are you lively? “Very good, on a professional level very excited. This for me is not a presentation, it’s almost a talk… I was going to say with friends, but I still exaggerate. Very happy. Yesterday we came to the AVE thinking it looked like it was coming to a new place, but it’s not. When we arrived a year and a half ago we did have to make changes, now we didn’t. Excited. I see my people very well, I have received a lot of affection and i want to”.

At what point do you realize you want to return to training? “It’s hard to answer, there’s not an exact day. But quickly. Very soon I realized that I wanted to get my life back and keep doing what I love the most. Football, competing and continuing to show my family that life goes on.”

Go to the Euros as a coach: “A very great pride. I made a player three World Cups, a Euro, a Games…. I can be proud to have represented the national team. Now I can do it as a selector. The Selection is now a favorite, it represents a lot for me. I am very excited, it is an attractive challenge, seven matches to be champion, to reach the maximum and being aware of the difficulty. Tackling it with great confidence.”

Changes to the selection: “I liked the Selection, which I’ve seen. Robert Moreno is working on our staff and we have learned a lot at the football level from him. We’re not going to do anything different, maybe some nuances. The idea is the same, the selection will remain the same, I will try to make it better. But that’s going to depend on player selection. I understand that there may have been morbidity because there have been changes, but there will be changes in these concentrations and I like that. I’d love to have an eleven and you’d recite an eleven by heart, but it’s not a situation we have. There isn’t. It’s very important in what form they come in. There will be players who are fixed that if the last two months do not fly they will have fewer options to go.”

Euro analysis: “I have done an analysis and we are of the favorites at the level of Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Croatia… And then there may be surprises.”

New illusion: “The ranking has been brilliant. The line you win from losing is very fine in competitions like the Euros. Even in the titles we’ve won, we’ve been on the edge of falling. Everything is important, even penalty shootouts.”

Concentration at the Euro: “It has been all very fast, we are already working on everything that means the preparation of the Euro. It will be in Spain for sure, we will play three matches in Bilbao. There is no doubt that there is no better place than in Spain.”

Are you going to grant interviews?: “It’s one thing I haven’t thought about during these months. Better to have it in small doses, because in large doses you will get tired. I’ll still not give interviews. At the Euros I’ll have a lot of exposure. I’m doing well with the ogre label.”

From Gea: “There was already a match that he did not play with me. What interests me as a coach is that the three goalkeepers reach 100%. Kepa’s already played with us some game.”

Ansu Fati: “I know him and I know of his potential. He hasn’t played in the Under-21s yet, but he’s a game to follow. We are attentive to the young people, but it is clear that there is a stage of training that skips very few players. Ansu is very well positioned, but he is in a slow-training process.”

Ramos to the Olympics: “Sergio Ramos is not distracted by anything between his eyebrows. We are facing a single player, a real leader. I look forward to the top of the Euro and everything in the national team. Then other factors will depend on whether or not you are in the Games.”

Dani Olmo: “We know him very well because when we did our calls, we were incorporating Under-21 players and Dani trained with us several times. He’s a player I really like. There are other names that weren’t with me, and yes to Robert, who will come back. Others who came with me and maybe they don’t come. I would recommend that you each take your case as an individual. We’re going to be constantly watching and studied them. They’re going to have the doors all open.”