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Luis Enrique, luxury guest at the Federation Assembly – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The call for RFEF Extraordinary General Assembly in the Football City of Las Rozas scheduled for Monday could count on an exceptional guest: the national coach Luis Enrique. As SPORT has known, the federative farm has provided an invitation for both the coach and his entire team (Jesús Casas, Rafel Pol, Joaquín Valdes and Aitor Unzue) may come to the capital of Spain on Monday to accompany the President Luis Rubiales in this House with which it wants to close the year 2019. Quote that will be preceded by the Board of Directors convened just before it.


Act. 12:33 p.m.


Ramon Fuentes

At the moment, it is more than likely that Luis Enrique will be able to come to this House. However, the coach will only be able to appear as a spectator, since he has no voting capacity as he is not part of the coaches who are currently part of the assembly body.

Five are the professional coaches who are part of the current RFEF Assembly. All five came out of the elections in 2016 and that was the last victory of Angel Maria Villar in the race to the presidency of the RFEF.

Who if he is among those five coaches are Julen Lopetegui and Pablo Sanz, current coach and second of Sevilla, and who were then at the helm of the national team. In case Julen and Palo decide to go to the appointment, unlike Luis Enrique, they do have the capacity to vote. There is also the current goalpreparer Ochotorena, who then performed these functions with Lopetegui himself. José Ignacio González, Julian Robles and Rafael Clavero also complete this quota of professional national coaches in the Assembly. In addition to Lopetegui, as we have already mentioned in SPORT, he is a member of the Delegated Committee of the RFEF, a body he has never attended. The last example is this Friday morning meeting.

The one who could also initially turn with voice skills but without a vote is the president of the League. This is provided for in the Statutes of the RFEF. It is the fact that right now this vacant is in the process of being in electoral process precisely until Tuesday 17 when the deadline for the submission of applications at 20:00 hours ends. It is unaware whether anyone from the Electoral Commission will be in place or represented by the twenty clubs that are currently part of the Assembly. The truth is that neither of the two professional clubs with a presence in the Delegated Commission (Malaga and Cadiz) did not attend this Friday’s meeting in the City of Football.