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Luis Enrique passes magazine: De Gea, Ramos, Ansu Fati… – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Luis Enrique passes magazine: De Gea, Ramos, Ansu Fati... - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The return of Luis Enrique to the national team opens up several questions about his upcoming calls and elevens. The Asturian addressed several personal cases at the press conference on his return. The situation of De Gea, who lost with Robert Moreno a title that he did enjoy with Luis Enrique, the possibility of seeing Ramos playing Euro and Olympic Games, the possible call for Ansu Fati, the explosion of Dani Olmo, whom Robert made his debut in the Abs Oluta…

De Gea: “There was already a match that did not play with me. What interests me as a coach is that the three goalkeepers reach 100%. Kepa’s already played with us some game.”

Ansu Fati: “I know him and I know of his potential. He hasn’t played in the Under-21s yet, but he’s a game to follow. We are attentive to the young people, but it is clear that there is a stage of training that skips very few players. Ansu is very well positioned, but he is in a slow-training process.”

Looks like Ramos wants to go to the Olympics. Are you afraid that this will de-centre you from the Euros:: “Sergio Ramos is not distracted by anything between his eyebrows. We are facing a single player, a real leader. I look forward to the top of the Euro and everything in the national team. Then other factors will depend on whether or not you are in the Games.”

Dani Olmo: “We know him very well because when we did our calls, we incorporated players from the U-21 and Dani trained with us several times. He’s a player I really like. There are other names that weren’t with me, and yes to Robert, who will come back. Others who came with me and maybe they don’t come. I would recommend that you each take your case as an individual. We’re going to be constantly watching and studied them. They’re going to have the doors all open.”