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Luis Enrique: “Robert has been disloyal, I don’t want anyone like that on my staff” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Luis Enrique: "Robert has been disloyal, I don't want anyone like that on my staff" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Luis Enrique has been presented as new Spanish coach in the Football City of the Spanish Football Federation. The event began with a speech by the Asturian clarify the controversy of Robert Moreno’s departure Selection and its technical staff. Here’s his speech:

“It is a very special day for me and my family, because I return home, to the National Team and to finish a project that I started in the moment. I know that possible media attention may be in what happened in the last few months. I am obliged to give many more explanations than I would have liked. I am a person who flees from controversies, anyone who has followed my career knows it, but I am forced because it is a controversy that starred a person who worked with me for many years. I put myself in each other’s shoes too.

The only one responsible for Robert Moreno not being on my staff is me., neither Rubiales nor Molina nor the Federation. The encounter with Moreno comes on September 12. It’s the only day I’ve had contact with him. He calls me, I have a meeting at my house and I sense that he wants to do the Euros, and then, if I want, he will be my second. I saw him coming because of the lack of events of the last few weeks. I’m going to put myself in the other point of view. I understand that it makes you excited, which is the opportunity of a lifetime, has worked hard and is ambitious, which is a quality to value, but for me it’s disloyal, I wouldn’t do it and I don’t want anyone with those characteristics on my staff. Excessive ambition is not a virtue, but a great flaw.

What I’m saying is that I don’t want it on my staff and that I’m strong. I want to go back to work. I don’t know when I’m going to do it, but I tell him I feel like it, I’m going back to football. I end that meeting cordially and I call the members of my staff. I wanted you to know what my opinion was and that of the other party. I don’t want my words to be misrepresented either. From there I want to make it clear that I have never volunteered to feF, I have not called anyone and I have never let third parties call on my behalf to offer me. At the time I had to leave the selection because of the circumstances you knew and I stayed out of it. This changes at the end of October, when Rubiales and Molina call me and we have a nice meeting. I have always received displays of affection and loyalty from the president and Molina. The first thing I said to them is: “You are exempt from any commitment you believe you have with me. There’s no commitment to me“. They show me interest, I explain my point of view and the rest is well known to all. It’s true that I feel responsible and I’m not proud of how it all ended. Otherwise I am motivated and eager for the Euro and World Cup to arrive. I feel like talking to the players and transmitting the values to them. The Selection will not change, although the lists will have my tint different from the previous selector. I would like from here to stop removing the trash and think about the selection.”

Then began the reporters’ question time.

Why didn’t you let Robert Moreno lead the national team at the Euros?: “I think I’ve been equal not too clear but quite concise in what I think. I am here and I will be at the Euros because the transgaming.orging director and president of the FEF decide to call me to be coach in the Euro. My version of events was missing. It was my turn. This is what I’m sticking to. I don’t want to tell the story any other way because there isn’t, it’s this one, mine.”

Do you feel apain from the breakup with Robert? How did you live what happened on the night of the Wanda and the criticisms of Rubiales and Molina?: “In life situations give rise to you getting to know people. It’s a perfect way of who’s my friend and who’s not. I wouldn’t. I see that the people next to me some yes and some are not and I take the measurements.”

What has Robert Moreno most disappointed you in?: “Professionally I have nothing to criticize, he is a very prepared coach, he has shown it. The other i had no doubts until the words said one thing and the facts said a different. But let’s stop moving the trash. I’m going to say the same thing. Nobody wins, let’s let it be. I’m not the good guy in the movie, but I’m sure the bad guy isn’t.

At the Zaragoza meeting you tell Rubiales and Molina that he wants to come back?: “Then we have had more conversations, but they perceive and I say clearly yes, that I am prepared and that I feel like it. During the meeting it became clear that he was willing to return to training.”

Decision that Robert Moreno be his successor: “It’s been many months and you remember how I had to leave. At the time, it wasn’t who was in my place. I remember talking to Rubiales and Molina and giving my opinion, that they had confidence but that they did not condition. I felt very supported by the FEF, we had to leave in the early hours at untimely hours, almost on the run, to try to control a serious family situation and if I tell you the truth I remember that the presi called to tell me that I would have the staff, I do not surround myself with incapacitated people i don’t like it at a professional and personal level and sometimes I haven’t made it.”

Conversation with players: “I haven’t had them. I’m not one to call the players. I only did it with one, because he was injured and to know how his recovery was going. And I called someone else because I was wrong. I wanted to call Jesus Casas and I called Jesus Navas. He was very affectionate. I will not talk to them about the main topic of this press conference.”

A team call: “I have not called the Federation to offer myself and I have received a call from a foreign club.”

Staff: “Jesus Casas will be the second coach, who was already in Barca B and in Barca with me. Follow the same physical trainer, Rafel Pol. I join Aitor Unzué as a third coach and follow Joaquín Valdés as a psychologist.”

Final decision: “We all think our family is the best, it totally supports me. It’s a thing that you chew and think little by little. It’s funny that we all know that we’re going to lose loved ones throughout our life, but there’s a lot of taboo around this. There is no mathematical formula, everyone faces it in a way. We are doing it with a natural process. I am proud of the fortitude of my whole family.”

Contract to the World Cup: “In my experience I am not in favour of signing long contracts. But I’m happy to sign for three years. I don’t close the door to follow later. I just signed the contract until the end of the World Cup. I have no problem if tomorrow the president and Molina decide to kick me out.”

Robert Moreno’s Disloyalty: “I thought that would be the most false thing You could do to me. I’m not like that. My values are other. I thought about it many times and my final decision is what I’ve made and I’m proud of it.”

Repentance: “I don’t regret anything, but I’m not proud to see people suffer having to explain these kinds of situations. I didn’t feel good when I saw that situation.”