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Luis Pérez: "You have to get down to avoid this race" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


How the season has changed, right?

We are currently in a situation where no one wants to be, but there is much ahead. It's true that the fans are burned in that sense and we're the first to know, but we should all go to one, get rid of the pressure.

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Look at the rating, or prefer not to find out?

Not that I looked at her, but we knew we were getting into her. And if not, fans remember, but the situation the team knows, but it depends on us getting out of there. We have experienced this year even worse because there were three games left and we didn't know. It was more fucked up than that and we knew how to get out. It will be no less now.

One of his teammates compared this year to the previous one and said that now the feelings are not as bad as before.

It is true that last season the team did not feel comfortable playing, we did not know if we played forward or backward, we were a little lost. The sensations of this season with the opposite. We started the season very well, with a good game and we should keep it with the nuances proposed by the new Mr. One of the bases we have and that we have to enjoy because we did well is to have the ball.

I imagine that in two weeks, the new coach tried to dose the information …

He told us. He also didn't want to give us much information in three days, because in the end he's 'screwed', but he told us we had the ball, but we understood him a bit because we ran to throw the ball in certain movements. For the first fifteen minutes, he asked us to, but then we played and the team was uncomfortable.

Too bad your good personal season doesn't match that of the team.

The truth is, I'm happy with the season I'm doing. I feel very good. Physically, I have done very well, but it is true that Garai has contributed a lot to me, the experience of taking four years in Segundo is noticeable because you are in a better position, you know when to leave. In the end, the important thing is the team. I feel very good, but I hope that what I do is best for the team, not for me.

The contract ends in June. There's news?

I have no idea. It's true that in two weeks I'm free because January is already here. It's true that I have several clubs interested in First, but it's not time to talk yet. Obviously, I also have contacts with Tenerife, is being discussed. It shows me and I am thinking of Tenerife. I still have a year, I am very clear, because I am very happy in the club.

So the club has already contacted you to try to renew it.

Yes, there are contacts. A first offer has been approved and is now being negotiated. But even if I'm in the market, I insist that I have my head here, I'm seen in the field because I give it my all or not. The club bet a lot for me and the truth is that I am very happy.

Do you often watch the games again to analyze what happened?

I like to see them at home quietly. Usually, when I arrive, I like to do it, because you see another perspective, you see pieces that, in the field, you think one thing and then another. I find it positive to see repeated games.

And this Saturday comes the only team that has not lost …

The statistics are to break them. At home, we are not feeling comfortable, we are not done booting, unlike other years. Try to change this as soon as possible because there are three at home a long time ago. Outside, we saw that we competed.

A few weeks ago, the president reiterated that he still dreams of sixth place. Impossible is not, but difficult, yes.

Looking at the situation we are in, we need to be realistic. At the moment we are in decline, and the main thing is to think about getting out of there and what will come next. But the message must be winning at home, competing to get out, because if you run, run in the end, you get into a cycle of negativity is very complicated.

The feeling to the environment is that the criticism does not go much to the costume, but goes much further, directed to the box.

It is true that this year the fans see the team differently, see that we compete, but under the circumstances things are not happening. In that sense, they are with us, but I notice that they are more burned out with the club inside. I don't get involved there because we have to focus on playing, although it's true that so many changes affect us, but it's all settled because we already have a coaching staff.