Euro 2020

Lunamatrona, Alfonso Mereu in the national football video games – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


He’s only twenty-six years old and is a postman by profession. But Alfonso Mereu, of Lunamatrona, now wears the jersey of the national team. But of a particular national team, that of the football video game. With him three other players, all Neapolitans. Their next commitment is the Europeans.

A particular national?

“Yes, the E-national Tim Vision.”

A virtual game?

“Yes, with the joystick and in front of a screen.”

A game that she knows well..

“My passion, since I was a child. It was my brother Carlo who introduced me to this game at home. He made me discover it on so many fun afternoons.”

And then came the selections for the national team…

“We started in two thousand. First the online selections. Then we arrived in sixteen of the last selections in Coverciano, home of the national team.

A great emotion?

“Indescribable. When I won the last game, which allowed me access to the national team, I couldn’t hold back the exultation. It was like a liberation.”

What does the joystick mean to you?

“For me it became like the ball, chasing on the dusty fields, when we were kids.”

And now he’s a player in this “particular” national team…

“For me it is an honor to defend the colors of my country, but above all of my Sardinia. But also the realization of a dream, that of a child, that becomes reality. I managed to turn my passion into a national and patriotic pride.”

What do you need to play your best?

“Very coldness, clearly the talent does not hurt. But the real secret is fun. As in any, as in any video game or play activity, having fun is the only way to improve. And then, of course, you need training. Standing still for too many days makes you lose familiarity and freshness.”

Next commitment, the Europeans?

“First an online phase, then the last clashes, Coverciano style, in a venue, which will be communicated to us by Figc.”

What do you see in your future?

“For me all this remains a passion, which could also have interesting work implications. But a passion to cultivate, along with other passions in my life. Then, who knows what the future holds for us.”