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Machín: “Neither psychologist, guru, hypnotist or the best technician in the world changes the dynamics” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Machín: "Neither psychologist, guru, hypnotist or the best technician in the world changes the dynamics" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Espanyol hosted CSKA Moscow on Thursday in the final match of the Europa League group stage. The parakeet set, no matter what, is first. The white coach has offered the pre-match press conference on Wednesday at noon and made it clear that the important thing is the match of this Sunday League against Betis.

Match against CSKA Moscow: “All matches are good. We have earned the right that this match should not be decisive and so that of Sunday. But we always represent a club, the Europa League is demanding and we must compete. I’m sure there will be players who will be able to show things, others that come out of injury. It’s always good. But let’s hope it doesn’t take us away and we can finish the game without any setbacks.”

Psychologist: “There is a psychological service that may be working with other sections, but we have not used it. This is not to say that we are closed to it. We can all help, but the really important thing and the ones who are going to get out of this are the ones who have gotten in there, the ones who are in the day-to-day in the locker room. I see people who are conscientious and accountable. All aids are good, but the most important is that we can give ourselves from within.”

Win now: “Hopefully it was just mathematical issues, we need to do a lot of things very well to win. I understand all the points of view, the hobby that is disappointed, as the team is. Footballers and the technical staff are not making arguments for making people enjoy. Being a target, we have made matches where the green shoots have appeared and we have deserved more points, but the reality is that we have not achieved them. Without results it seems that confidence does not increase. The stick we suffered in the second part against Osasuna, everything was twisted, we did things wrong and we have to recover based on how much we have done well. I see the team responsible. We compete well in the Bernabéu.”

Winter signings: “The signings are the ones I have now, that’s what I have to work with. Hopefully we don’t have as many injuries, the footballers recover quickly. For me the market is the one I have in the locker room and it’s where I have to make a profit.”

Meeting of the captains with the hobby: “I had a posteriori knowledge. I think it’s very good on the part of all the people who love this club and join in supporting the team. I find it well, laudable and hopefully this communion will help us out of this. With everyone’s help, I’m sure we can do it.”

Position to be reinforced in winter: “I look at the match and the most important one is the next one, so what I have to do is get a performance of what I have. The club is working, but until the market arrives and the footballers are here there will be matches in which we have to add. The club looks at the market as it is and you will have to see the possibilities and choose with the squad and the economy in mind.”

In Budapest he said he would put money on the table for not beating Ferencvaros and yes in League to Osasuna. How much would I put now for not winning CSKA and yes to Betis? I said, “I put more in.”

CSKA Moscow: “For me he’s the toughest rival we have. It has more potential than the results say. It can be a very young team and maybe that’s why they’ve been more vulnerable. But they have a lot of quality and potential, it will be seen in other matches. In his League he competes with good teams to enter Champions Leagues. The Russian League has economic power and can have very good footballers.”

The team’s experience to fight for permanence: “The most important are the players, which can help the most. Not me, but themselves and the club. The coach tries to instill in them a series of values to compete and some lines that we can walk through to be competitive and be a better team every time. Having lived experiences helps only in part. Football is present and sure they are not the same as they are a season or two ago. We have to draw potential to what we have today and the capabilities of the team.”

The team against CSKA Moscow: “Ferreyra can play tomorrow and also on Sunday. Javi Lopez and Naldo, who can still act, are recovering. Yesterday we had Melendo’s mishap, which had a twist and could hardly train. Tomorrow we will decide on the call.”

More about the psychologist: “I don’t want to conflict, much less. There is a service that I was told was working with the base and that it could be used. So far it’s not like we’ve done anything extraordinary. I have a lot of confidence in the ability we have as a technical staff and group. But it’s not something we’re going to rule out. Not a psychological, guru, hypnotist or the best coach in the world changes the dynamics overnight. It’s best to change it with a goal, even if it’s unfair.”

Andrés Prieto: “Maybe it’s Andrew’s time.”