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Machín: "We can not leave revolutionized, the important thing is the 95 minute" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


How would you rate the match against Betis?

It's more of a game, but it's a very important game. If we always say that the parts are important, it fits a little more. We have a need and we need to capture it in this field.

Is it hard to manage so much need?

We want to win, we need to win, we want to give everything, but we have to do it for 95 minutes. We should not think that we need to solve it in five, ten or fifteen minutes. We must have, within all this need and emotion, tranquility, calmness, thinking and being an organized team. From there, the chances of victory will increase. We will not give advantage to the rival. We'll put everything we have in place so that people feel identified with the team. Let's give it all.

What is the importance of cheering up and finally winning in Cornellà?

Now is the time to demonstrate everything we say. The dynamics change with work and good mindset, but especially with results. This is what we are looking for.

Is the period long until the market opens?

As long as you don't win the journeys, they get long. We are aware that the market will come, but the important thing is now. These guys are the ones who will get the points from now until people arrive. The most important are those that are there.

Should we put more game or testosterone?

We have to be smart, have peace of mind, think. Being ordered, the fundamental is not the minute 1 or 45, the most important is the 95. If we get confused and want to get revolutionized, we will not give up. But I think we should be calm enough to know how to be in the game, because at any moment the balance can go either way. If we are under more than normal stress, it will be harmful.

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