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Madrid meditates to interrupt Lunin mission in January – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Madrid meditates to interrupt Lunin mission in January

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Madrid is seriously considering breaking Lunin and Javi Sánchez's mission in January to find a new destination where they can challenge the minutes they are not having in Valladolid. As AS may know, there is no clause in the contract allowing this option, but Valladolid will not cause any failure if Madrid finally makes that decision. In Pucela, they want to maintain good relations with the white club for future tasks. and they understand that having two players without just a few minutes throughout the season is cutting their projection.

The final decision will depend on whether they find destinations where both fit in and can have minutes from the first moment, since in January teams are usually made and it is not easy to reach and adapt quickly. There is no shortage of suitors, as In the Bernabéu offices, they have already received several calls ask about the situation of both facing the winter market.

Neither of them played a minute with Valladolid, a worrying situation at the Bernabéu offices because of the potential of both players. Lunin's case is even more serious, because it only comes from last year at Leganés. At the U20 World Cup, where he was world champion with Ukraine and the Golden Glove, he showed he could be a first-class goalkeeper in the future. But to meet expectations, you need a few minutes. Some difficult minutes in Pucela, because Masip is undisputed for Sergio González. It was discussed early in the season when he racked up a lot of mistakes, but even in those bad times Lunin didn't get a chance. So now that Masip has recovered his best level, it is unrealistic to think that Lunin could snatch the job.

Javi Sánchez, meanwhile, also has difficulties in Valladolid. An injury stopped him at the start of the course and the pair of centrals that form Kiko Olivas and Salisu consolidated. Olivas is at a very high level for two seasons, while Salisu is one of the revelations of the season. At the Bernabéu, they have high hopes of a player who left very good feelings in the minutes he played last year with the first white team.

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The case of De Frutos, another Real Madrid player named in Valladolid, is different. He was never a starter, but he played three games out of the bench where he left very good feelings. Competition in your position is high, but the season is long and will take a few minutes.