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Madrid meets Guardiola's two faces in the Champions League – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Madrid meets Guardiola's two faces in the Champions League


Guardiola and Madrid cross again for the third time in Champions League history. It will be with the third different team he faces whites in Europe after driving to Barcelona and Bayern with luck.

The first crossing took place in the 2010-11 Champions League, in the famous Storm Classic season, with Mourinho on the Bernabéu bench. Between April 16 and May 4, 2011, they had to play four games in just 18 days (an average of one classic every five days). In addition, we must remember that Madrid came from the Copa del Rey victory for Blaugranas in Mestalla, with a header from Cristiano.

That draw fell on Blaugrana's side, with a 0-2 in the first leg that left her virtually doomed. It was with a double from Messi, Pepe's expulsion and the remembered "Why?" de Mourinho at the post-duel press conference. The comeback had little emotion because it ended 1-1 and the Whites couldn't get Blaugrana in trouble. Barça eventually lifted this trophy.

Three years later, in 2013-14, Guardiola and Real Madrid's paths intersected again in the Champions League, but the scenario was totally different. Madrid began their post-Mourinho phase with Ancelotti on the bench, while Guardiola spent his first season in charge of Bayern. The crossing also occurred in the semifinals.

The first stage at the Bernabéu put Madrid ahead (1-0), but with everything open for a return to Munich at a stadium where Madrid have traditionally suffered. However, the whites made a perfect match: 0-4. That left an overall score of 5-0 in favor of Real Madrid, a historic result. The champion would end up at the Bernabéu showcases after beating Atletico in the final with Ramos's header at the discount.

Therefore, this draw between City and Madrid will settle the balance of the crosses with Guardiola de los Blancos in the Champions. They already know their two faces: the intractable internship in Barcelona and the vulnerable version of Bayern in 2013-14. Now he arrives at his worst as a city coach, but with the respect he has for the Bernabéu when he remembers his stage as a Blaugrana coach.