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Madrid will not sign a nine – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Madrid will not sign a nine - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The clamor of the Madridism asking Florentino Perez to fiche a Killer of the area, a pure nine, will not be taken care of. The team only adds one goal in the last three games and the last two have tied them to zero (the Classic and on Sunday before the Athletic), but the president of Madrid does not think it necessary to strengthen the squad in this winter market despite having in this League fourteen goals less than the leader Barcelona. Florentino Pérez’s opinion is fully shared by the coach, Zinédine Zidane, and is welcomed by the heavyweights of the insole.

However, the numbers are stubborn and do not support error. Madrid are really missing Christian, the man who marked 50 goals per season and who left the ship two years ago, fed up with disagreements with Florentino Perez.


Mariano is the only one in the squad who hasn’t played a minute and has only made a list

Counted in 2019 as a calendar year, the first complete without Portuguese crack, Madrid have scored just 100 goals in 54 games, 42 less than the 142 they scored in 2018. For the first time in the last decade, white footballers have fallen from the average of two goals, to 1.85 per game on average. Another piece of information is the white goalscoring drought. Madrid as a whole have scored 33 goals in La Liga, only three more than the Blaugrana trident: Messi, Luis Suárez and Griezmann.

The Madrid of the last decade achieved its maximum level in 2014, with Carlo Ancelotti on the bench. That spring Madrid won the Champions League in Lisbon (4-1 for Atletico) and the Copa del Rey in Valencia to Barcelona (2-1, with last goal garthr Gareth Bale beating Marc Bartra in race). That team left a record of 178 goals in 63 games, with an average close to three goals per game, no less than 78 goals more than in the year we closed.

The reasons why Madrid will not sign a striker in this winter market are varied. First, Florentino Pérez is very reluctant to sign in that market. His experiences in the past have been negative in the vast majority of cases.

On the other hand, according to the club’s sources, Madrid consider that considering signing a forward of the future to allow Karim Benzema to give more breaks is absurd because that player profile already has him in the squad. His name is Luka Jovic, he’s Serbian, he turned 22 yesterday and it cost a lot: $60 million last summer. “Signing someone so that Jovic plays even less than what little he already plays would be a contradiction,” the aforementioned sources say.

The question that is also asked of Madridism is why Zidane has blacklisted and condemned to ostracism Mariano Díaz, the only player in the squad who has not played a single minute this season, in which he has entered only once in a call -go to P hazard caused last-minute discharge to attend the birth of his son.) All that the Spanish-Dominican striker refers to is the X-files.

Repaired to Lyon two summers ago for 21.5 million (plus a bonus of three million), Zidane does not want to talk about Mariano. He just comments that he doesn’t play because he prefers others to do it. In the summer he asked Mariano to seek a team, but Mariano refused, confident that the season would bring him opportunities. It has not been so because Zidane has been adamant and has always managed to exclude him. In Palma, 1-0 against, he preferred to take Brahim out first. If the ability to recover players has been one of the great virtues of Zidane, recognized by all, with Mariano we find the exception to the rule. All indications are that Mariano will leave the club at the winter market.

Asked after the draw against Athletic in a raw form if in the letter to the Three Wise Men he was going to ask for a centre forward, Zidane’s response was blunt: “No. We don’t lack a goal.” Madridism creates the opposite and the numbers prove it.