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Marbella wins in Cordoba and presents credentials for promotion – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Marbella closes a good year 2019 in the promotion playoff and morale in the clouds after defeating a good Cordoba which, despite its institutional crisis, has the honesty of an admirable squad of technicians and players. It will now begin with new owner and president, Abdulla Al-Zain of Bahrain. The Cordobamen are holding back a good run of three wins in a row while the Coasters are just three points away from Cartagena.

David Cubillo’s team has had a great game, with a lot of sobriety in defense, and the punch enough in attack. There were already times in the first half for him to go ahead, but it wasn’t until the second time the goals came.

The Cordoba came out very intense from the beginning and wanting to submit to a Marbella that in this phase contained well its rival. Although the locals turned around, they only had a dangerous action with one center from the right of Fernandez, which Saul brought out when he was going to score Owusu (min. 8). As the minutes passed, the whites were shaking the opponent’s dominance and began to arrive with some danger to the local area. The game was loaded on the right wing with Saul and Samu Delgado. A stopped ball was able to reach the first, with a rehearsald foul that Elijah pulled for Samu’s intern to the baseline, but failed to center (min. 17). The team was already warning and in the 22nd minute a side fault was topped by Saul in the bar, although the referee beeped offside.

And the clearest goal action for the whites came in the 27th minute with an intern from Anscar Garcia to the baseline for Manel’s goal-in-the-mouth finish, but he left outside. It was a very good phase of the game of Marbella, which deserved to be ahead. Cordoba reappeared in attack in the 29th minute, in a rebounding action that eventually topped Owusu, but saved Wilfred. It was an isolated action of the locals because the final stretch of the first half was the domain of Marbella, albeit without occasion.

The second half could not start better for Marbella, because after a clearing of the defense, Elías Pérez put the ball back into the area and Manel pitched from the penalty point to make the first both, who did justice on the scoreboard. Cordoba tried to react, albeit in a very hasty way and being exposed to the counterpunches of a Marbella that could sentence at any time. The locals had it in the 61st minute, with Fernandez coming by surprise only on the second suit, but Wilfred covered him in a big stop to avoid the draw.

The match came in a side fault that he topped with Owusu’s chest (min. 65). The Cordoba grew and squeezed quite a bit, with the back of the bleachers, but it was the Marbella that hit again. Downtown Redru and Mustafa on the second stick put the second in the 72nd minute. With the advantage and just over a quarter of an hour to be played, Marbella closed the match and only in added time, to the desperate, Cordoba had some choice.

In the 92nd minute, a direct foul from the front of the area was diverted by Wilfred in the corner. Even the local goalkeeper climbed up and in the middle of the sloth was had by Sebas Moyano, but his slack shot and to the center was stopped by the white goalkeeper.