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Marc Gual debuts for Castile with one goal valid and another badly overturned – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


The Castilla could not pass the tie on his visit to Langreo in the face of his own inability to transform his danger, the two shots he crashed on Adrián Torre’s left suit and the legal goal that the referee, Recio Moreno, annulled Marc Gual on the break in Ganzábal. The striker made his debut for Real Madrid with a notable match in which he equalled the goal of his toy boy Marc Nierga.

The first aloon was given by the Langreo, but the Castilla soon took over the ball and took control of the match (ended with 64% possession, higher than its average of the season). In some phases, with possessions greater than one minute and the defensive line of the affiliate entered ten meters in the middle of the field defended by the locals.

Despite the dominance, the blow was given by the Langreo with a measured center of Davo at the heart of the area, which Marc Nierga continued to infiltrate between the plants to beat Altube with a superb testarazo. Shortly thereafter the Langreo forgave the second in a bad back of the branch that Pedro Montero found, but he dared not finish and gave the spherical to Marc Nierga. The striker paused to assemble the shot and gave time for Guillem to arrive to save under sticks.

Castile, who had been trying from afar, had two occasions in the quarter hour before half a break. Adrián Torre repelled a shot from Marc Gual and on the edge of the intermission the collegiate somewhat annulled the newcomer by a non-existent offside. The Betulense was unearthed within 12 minutes of the resumption, when he topped a Guillem centre from the right. Madridgoal for the brand new white signing.

It was evidence that the Castile had found the formula to hurt its rival: open the field and search the centers from the band. Marvin had in his testa the 1-2 center of Fran García, but Adrián Torre saved the punchline. Where the local cancerber didn’t arrive, his left stick appeared. There Martín Calderón crashed a cannon from 30 meters and then Fran García a turned-back ball after a stop from Torre to Gual. Altube also found an ally in his respective wood in a Davo header behind a long ball he controlled and settled Luarca’s own attacker.

Castilla remains in the middle of the table – he is eleventh with 30 points – and the draw serves Langreo to leave the area of direct descent and occupy the position of promotion.

Raul: “Only lack of success has deprived us of victory”

“What’s your assessment of the party?
“The result is the one that is and that cannot be changed. Very happy, very happy and very proud of the match of my players from the first minute to the last. They’ve emptied. We’ve created a lot of problems for the Langreo. I don’t think for so many minutes someone here has been as superior knowing that they are a dangerous team as they have shown after the 20 minutes we have mastered and in the first move they have put theway ahead. Even with the 1-1 they have had their chance to stick and a couple of corfews. It is a team that in transitions can hurt you and has shown it, but I think today we have countered its strengths a lot and only the lack of success has caused us not to take the three points.

“Do you get the feeling that the team will underalight the intensity in the second half after the changes?
“No. After a goal, the head plays as well. I think that’s when we’ve had our best chances, for ten or fifteen minutes. And it is clear that after in those minutes we have not been able to materialize and be successful, the match is equal. You’re playing away from home, against an opponent who is complicated, but the team hasn’t lowered the intensity at any time. We’ve kept trying to the end, but it couldn’t have been.

Raúl gives encouragement to his players during the match played in Ganzábal.

“How did you see Marc Gual? What do you think you can contribute?
“Marc’s been great. Congratulate him on the debut. He’s made a great game and I think he’s going to give us a lot of things. On the one hand, it’s a shame he’s here because of Peter’s injury. Today was a special match and we wanted to give it the victory. We will give you the effort and these 90 minutes of good football even if we have not achieved the triumph. Marc is an experienced player who has played in the Second Division and today has demonstrated the things he can bring to the team. I’m sure as he gets to know his teammates, he’ll go to more.

“It was seen that they never gave up the scoreboard and that even the sides reached the area to top off.
“We have tried to attack and we have profiles like that of Fran García, which is very offensive and we take advantage of its speed so that there are also moments that we can reach the opposite area. As I have mentioned before, I think we have tried, for moments we have been much superior. In the end, in the last ten or fifteen minutes it is true that the Langreo has had its occasion to stick, some against… I think we’ve been very correctly defending the actions they’ve had and congratulating my players on the good game. We leave with the feeling that if we had been more successful, if we had taken the three points. But we’re going with one, which is what there is.

Classification of the four Second B groups.