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Marco Richter from FC Augsburg: madness with seven goals, Bayern and Ronaldo – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Marco Richter is only 22 years old, but he can already look back on an eventful career. With many heights and a small, fresh bucket, which he will probably forget tonight when he plays against Hoffenheim (8.30 live on DAZN and in LIVETICKER).

Marco Richter puts his hands over his face, tears his short hair and wants to sink into the ground. Shortly before, he had made a mistake that caused every offensive player to wake up in sweat at night: the young striker from FC Augsburg had missed the empty Mainz goal from around seven yards, leaving a 0-0 chance the grandstand on the much-cited silver board.

A number of media then declared the action "Miss of the Year", and in some cases parallels were drawn to Frank Mills's missed opportunity, who had suffered a much more spectacular faux pas in the Borussia Dortmund shirt against FC Bayern in 1986 than the opponents had already played out and maneuvered the ball from the shortest distance to the post.

The difference to the historic Mill opportunity was not only in Richter & # 39; s tougher finish position, but also in the fact that Augsburg won one goal as a result, Fuggerstädter even prevailed 2-1 at the end, while Dortmund had one. the 2: 2 time had to settle.

Marco Richter: "I tend to blind these things"

This is one of the reasons Richter can now take this scene with humor. "I looked at them eight to ten times afterwards. But there's no explanation for what went on. I tend to blind these things," he says in an exclusive interview at an unplanned meeting SPOX and goals in the Allianz Arena. "It was extremely important that I still score in the match. That's also what I said after missing: & # 39; Marco, you have to score again. & # 39; And that we still have to somehow leave the path that wins. "

Although his wish was fulfilled, Richter's cellphone was "full of messages after final whistle. Close friends wrote to me, very nice messages. Also teammates from U21. A couple of boys, of course, also spoke to me – asked if I had an appointment with But behind it were endless emojis, especially flashing smiles. So everything went well. "

In fact, the left has no reason to be too hard on himself for an unfortunate act. So far, Richter can finally look back on a steep climb. He first laced up his football shoes at SV Ried, a small club not far from his Swabian hometown of Friedberg. It soon became clear that the boy had a huge potential that was not hidden even by Bavaria.

Judge: Bavaria's commitment "was absolutely amazing!"

"I played a tournament in Bachern with Ried as we used to," explains Richter: "Then the Bayern Munich staff came to me and invited me to Talent Day. My dad organized everything." Despite enormous competition, the then seven-year-old judge convinced the scouts of the German record champion. "It felt like there were 500 kids on the artificial turf. Two players were selected each year. It was a day I will never forget. It was absolutely amazing!"

From then on, Richter went through all the FCB selection teams for seven years, and his parents drove him every day from Mering, the family's residence, to the Bavarian capital to train before deciding to move to Augsburg. "The season in U14 was less. Then I sat down with the family and said we didn't want it anymore," Richter explains.

At FCA he received the hopeful season, shot in all the youth teams, and with 24 goals in 16 games was instrumental in ensuring that the U19 was able to return to the top A youth division immediately after one year away from the Bundesliga.

Regional league record: Richter scored seven goals at FCA-Schützenfest

In May 2015, at the age of 17, Richter was allowed to run for the second representation of the Swabians in the Regionalliga Bavaria. Spissen scored his first goal in his first match at FC Ingolstadt reserve (1: 2, editor's note). The following season he contributed to Augsburg II in 18 games on seven goals.

Richter first gained national fame on July 30, 2016. "Crazy! 18-year-old boy meets seven times in record victory", was the title of Hamburger Morgenpostafter Richter beamed a pack of seven against Seligenporten (12: 0).

That season was an impressive sum: 24 goals in 27 games were referees in his first official year. "It was a great season that felt like it was flying, extremely fast," he recalls.

While the calls for Richter to be appointed to a professional team were higher, those responsible consciously set the brakes at that time. "It would be too soon," Augsburg Manager Stefan Reuter said. "He played in the A youth last year. He should develop in peace and recommend himself over U23."

Richter made an impressive recommendation and for the first time sniffed three minutes of Bundesliga air against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on the eighth match day of the 2017/18 season. For the first time as goal scorer on Germany's top floor, he appeared in the 3-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt, in his second professional assignment.