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Mark Fenwick: "We have never had as many sustainability demands as in Qatar" – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Mark Fenwick: "We have never had as many sustainability demands as in Qatar"


Mark fenwick He is, along with Javier Iribarren, the creator of the Spanish study of the Fenwick-Iribarren architects. His company supplies three of the eight Qatar World Cup stadiums. Nearly half.

Q. Will Qatar be a sustainable World Cup?

A. Without a doubt. This bet has been very strong since the beginning of the application. Remember that there was criticism of your choice and many solutions were sought to combat it. Sustainability is one of them.

Q. Did you indicate in presenting your projects that this was an important point?

A. In Qatar, this problem is taken very seriously. Not only the climate issue, but also energy, waste, water … All our stadiums have rain collection systems, because although it does not seem like it rains in Qatar. That's why our bathrooms recycle water, urinals save 40,000 liters and faucets run out of water.

Q. Have other requirements been met in other competitions?

A. Not so many. Qatar 2022 is the one that imposes the most demands on sustainability. The truth is that we often wonder why stadium sustainability had not been applied before. We always believe that. and we push it to the limit.

Q. The culmination of your contribution is Ras Abu Aboud, the first detachable stadium in the history of the World Cups, made up of container ships …

A. Yes, the big stadiums consume a lot and this solution saves energy and money. The feature was to create a stadium with reusable and open steel containers, which allows air to flow and, in the interior environment, a passive motion without energy is believed.

Q. What about your other two stadiums, the Qatar Foundation and Al Thumama?

A. They advance well. At the Qatar World Cup, there is a power conditioner that is cooling. All stadiums have air. But while it may seem otherwise, it is more efficient to cool a stadium than to warm it up because the cold air is below, not rising. The design should be special, open, but not leaving much air outside. The surrounding landscaping also influences. You need to create shaded areas with trees and provide water to them.

Q. They created the Espanyol stadium and designed the new one in Valencia. Are they also sustainable?

A. Qualification systems always exist, although sustainability in any building is expensive. Espanyol's has solar roofs, like Valencia's. We apply the minimum sustainable requirements in advance.