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Martín Presa and Sardá denounce an attempted aggression in Tarazona – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Raúl Martín Presa and José María Sardá on Tuesday denounced an attempt at aggression following the Copa del Rey match in Tarazona. Until Zaragoza, Lightning fans moved out, including BukanerosIn addition, they used the usual flags inside the stadium. The Lightning president and vice president were rebuilt at the end of the game by about 20 or 30 people who, according to club sources, allegedly belonged to this animation group.. Managers facing this situation got into the damaged car as they were shaken and tossed. Already during the Cup match against Tarazona, Presa was the target of some screams and chants. In addition, several players were defeated by the team's statement following the suspension of Zozulia chants. The Competition Committee will decide on Wednesday what will happen to the second half of the match against Albacete: if you play without the background that made Zozulia's corner, you will play behind closed doors or in neutral field.

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Martín Presa attended Unión Rayo after filing a complaint with the Tarazona Civil Guard. The president explained the incident: "Fortunately they did not hit me, I quickly got in the car. We left the stadium. There was one person I saw, but the rest could not see. Things that happen. In the stadium, there was one person who defeated us. and more people got in. We quickly got in the car and closed it. They tried to open the car and we got out. The civil guard saw it all. We have everyone to try to calm everything down and live in a peaceful situation, we don't like violence, luckily nothing happened.

Lightning Shield / Flag

Rayo's president later participated in "El Larguero", where he also told how the incident went: "Then more people showed up and we protected ourselves in the car. We started as we could while we were kicked and pushed. Fortunately, we're all fine."

Game against Albacete: "You can't be disrespectful and you're missing. You can't take justice for your hand.

Locate: "People need to understand that we are a humble club and if there is no collaboration from many people, we will not be able to"

Summer: "We have a boycott this summer."

Bukaneros Room: "Not a benefit to Bukaneros, it is a benefit to all authorized flag beam fans. This room is reviewed. It is reviewed by a notary and not sealed by a notary."

Stealth banners: "These bands swell less than a wallet and can put them in the most predominant areas. They are stretched by the doors between the doors and not with earrings. These bands are not provided there. Zozulia happens between 30 and 45 and one against me too appeared

Threats: "Do not fear because I was raised not to be afraid of anything. The sad thing is that these attitudes can happen in an advanced country and many reconsider and in no area of ​​life in Spain."

Identify who receives the banners: "They depend on the UCO and Ray is tired of asking him to act against Antiviolence. From the club, he announces himself through the public address system."