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Masip and Remiro sign signs in Zorrilla – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Real Valladolid met Remiro, especially Guardiola. Real crashed into a safe Masip. And so the 0-0 is explained in a game with occasions and many sticks, mainly, of San Sebastian, who lost any blanquivioleta attempt to approach the visiting goal (10 fouls of the pucelanos by 19 of San Sebastian).

Royal Shield / Flag Valladolid

On exit Sergio González left Plano on the bench for the first time this season to enter Toni on the left. The sheriff, on the other hand, opted for Le Normand and Gorosabel in defense to replace the absences, putting Guevara in the center of the field, replacing Zubeldia. With these changes, the game developed as expected, with both teams pushing and seeking the opposite goal for the bands. It was the royalists who came closest to Masip's goal. William Jose can finish twice, but no luck. In the opposite area, Hervías hit a free kick into the post, rewarding play for the left wing of the stadium. Without clear control San Sebastian had the ball more, while Valladolid did not need precision to reach Remiro's goal with real danger. as seen in two plays led by Míchel in which he had to kick but sought the pass and the ball was lost …

Coat of Arms / Flag R. Sociedade

In the second half, both teams had their opportunities in the sections in which they dominated. The first was the real one. William Jose sent the clouds a great pass from the baseline before the minutes when the blanquiviolets had the game in hand. First Sandro met Remiro in a distant field, before giving a wonderful assist to Guardiola, who presented only to the Basque goal, but the duel was won by the realist. Sergio's group failed to advance and he had to suffer so as not to fit into the final stretch where the Donostiarras dominated until dominating the locals, with Oyarzabal as protagonist. First, he looked for the best position to send the ball to the team, but it went by inches, then crossed the shot a lot and finally found Masip. before Zorrilla's general relief. Those occasions of the captain of San Sebastian were mixed with Sandro's out-of-play goal and a direct foul from Míchel, poisoned until he needed Remiro's intervention.

In this way, the Pucelanos remains in the middle of the standings, adding four unmarked and two uncapped games, and Real are still in the Champions League fight adding four points in the last two games.

Sheriff: "Last pass is missing"

Real Sociedad coach Imanol Alguacil acknowledged on Sunday after a goalless draw against Real Valladolid that Blanquivioleta had "very merit" retaining his goal options but he valued the "Great job" from your players.

"I am happy with the players' proposal, because they arrived at the last minute before an opponent who pressed well. We knew it was a matter of time and in the end they did not reach that much pressure, but much more cannot be generated. The last pass was lost, but the team did a lot of good things, " He specified. As indicated, Real Valladolid "did a great defensive job and although it also created opportunities to move forward, we accepted it a lot because the pressure after the loss was good and intense." In fact, as you said, "the finishing touches sticks, there were stops and passes cut by the centrals", He said there were "many occasions", but "there is a goalkeeper and a rival defense that did well." "There were spaces, we got three quarters well, we were pretty addicted, but Valladolid waited well together and short. It's been the merit of the defenders and so I'm happy for the work and the insistence of the whole team until the 95th minute." "he added.

Given the team's changes, which he did not complete, and Barrenetxea's late entry, he indicated that Oyarzabal had "two options at the end", because "he is a player who has a goal in his veins" and understood that the team was doing well, so he decided not to make any more variations. Asked by Guevara, who made the headline of eleven, admitted that he did "a great job" and commented that "in everyday life is amazing and today he made a great game, serious in moments without ball, in aid, strong in disputes and continuing the internal game ".


Pedro Porro (65 & # 39 ;, Nacho), Isak (68 & # 39; Willian Joseph), Oscar Plan (70 & # 39 ;, Hervías), Annuar (81 & # 39 ;, Sandro), Ander Barrenetxea (90 & # 39 ;, Portu)


Referee: Pablo González Fuertes
VAR Referee: Mario Melero López
Robin Le Normand (19 amarelo, yellow) Oyarzabal (67 Amarelo, Yellow) Isak (75 amarelo, yellow) Llorente (80 amarelo, yellow