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Massive support from Aperribay management partners – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Royal Society will have this season the largest budget in its history. That's what he wanted the shareholding of txuri-urdin, which approved with its majority support (over 98%) a budget of 112 million euros of revenue and forecast surplus of 8 million. It also overwhelmingly supported last year's balance of accounts, which closed at a profit of 10 million after having 107 million expenses and 117 revenues.

Coat of Arms / Flag R. Sociedade

The Board of Directors chaired by Jokin Aperribay, as expected, had no problem moving forward with absolute majority all agenda items (over 98% of votes in favor) at a General Shareholders' Meeting that lasted just over two and a half hours, it went by normally, with almost no opposition from the shareholding and at a fairly fast pace, because the shareholder participation was not excessively high, unlike on other occasions In fact, The good sports situation of the team helped hardly make reference in the turn of requests and questions to the sporting subject. It was a Council that had the same tone of the last years under the presidency of Aperribay and with a very similar participation. 219 shareholders attended the Kursaal Congress Center in San Sebastián, and 1,416 shareholders were represented, meaning that There were 44,744 shares, or 34.01% of the total share capital.

Parent topic: Anoeta Reform

No doubt The main theme of the Royal Society General Assembly of Shareholders has been, how could it otherwise be, the reform of Anoeta Stadium, now called the "Reale Arena". Most of the interventions of the participating shareholders mentioned a complaint or commented on the work and its excess costs. Because the president of Real, Jokin Aperribay, had to explain in detail why the project cost was 57.9 million euros (approved by the Board of Directors of 2005) and because the final investment of the reform finally reaches 78.6 million € 64.6 million from the Royal. At the Meeting, shareholders were asked to invest an extra 17.1 million euros to fund the planned improvements at the stadium, which was also approved with the support of over 98% of the shareholders attending the meeting. .

The Royal's president had to explain that Anoeta's reform work had 19 labor complaints, of which seven were sanctioned, but with which the club had no relationship, because Royal does not directly manage the works, although it has prepared a report of all these incidents. The Board of Directors was also requested the possibility of Real negotiating with the city of San Sebastián to buy the property of the soccer field due to the high investment that the club has made in the work. The realist president ruled out talks about it, he left the matter under the roof of the municipal groups, without disregarding the Royal's interest in obtaining ownership of the field, which is now municipal.

Shareholders congratulate the female team

One of the most relevant points of the Real Shareholders' Meeting is that the women's soccer team and its success as Reina Cup champion is present from beginning to end. First, because the president, Jokin Aperribay, began his speech congratulating the women's sections for their achievements this 2019 (we should add the grass hockey team as runner-up in Europe). And because all the shareholders who participated in the Board of Directors referred to the title won in Granada last May. Some even put them as an example of what the boys are supposed to do at the World Cup since Thursday next week. And others took the opportunity to remember the origins of the women's section, a Spanish football pioneer who has made a professional contract with all of her players. From the Council it was specified that efforts are still being made to make them better, noting that the budget for the female team is 1.5 million euros in this course and noting that the budget was not covered last season for women's football, because the expenses exceeded the income. The shareholders, incidentally, demanded that the Board open more times the Reale Arena to play in the women's team and also in the subsidiary, so investment in retirement can be more profitable. The club's answer is that The next Basque mini derby against Bilbao Athletic will be played at the stadium, and also the second round against the Royal Union of Irún.