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Meet Becerril, a team of "great friends and family" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Meet Becerril, a team of "great friends and family"

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El Becerril and how a small town can do great things. 754 inhabitants, neither one nor the other, will be represented in this first round of the Copa del Rey. Becerril de Campos in Palencia, it doesn't even have a thousand people registered and, surprisingly, Royal Society displaced people can become one tenth of the municipality. Him Mariano Haro he will wait until the following weekend to receive his family again, which will have to leave until The ballast due to conditions imposed by television and the Federation.

No matter the commute, neither to the team nor the location, they will travel en masse to support a moment It will be recorded in the club's history books. And that they mark 42 years since their foundation in 1977. At that time, They wore secondhand shirts from Palencia CF. Now the whole province is proud to see a club fighting the best. It is Becerril, who, defined by its president, Juan Antonio Redondo, live "excited" with this new Cup. He takes the AS test to learn more about his stories and his honest gift.

Juan Antonio Redondo, in the AS test:

1. The new Copa del Rey is …
Exciting for humble teams.

2. Who do you dream of facing in this new format?
We dreamed of facing a Basque team and that was so.

3. Which Spanish soccer player have you signed up for on your team?
I would sign Messi. If it was Spanish, we need a character player: Sergio Ramos.

4. Choose: Reach the Copa del Rey semifinals or climb this season.
I keep the category.

5. Define your club in three words.
Family, great friends and excited about this Cup.

6. Define the place your club represents in three words.
Good, small and cozy.

7. What does your team play?
We like to lower the ball and touch it.

8. What is your best memory of Copa del Rey?
Here in Palencia, a draw was played forty years ago between Palencia and Athletic Bilbao. I remember, I was a child. Playing Copa del Rey again in the province is historic.

9. Eliminating the rival would be a feat, which is the biggest thing he remembers in football?
We all remember Numancia with Barcelona when they played in the Copa del Rey. The football of a match is made so that anything can happen.

10. The new Copa del Rey invites you to dream, do you dare to challenge if you win the trophy?
Passing this round, we would do something. Something beautiful for people. It would improve the situation we live in, which is necessary.

The Becerril, in data

Full name: Club Deportivo Becerril.
Locality representing: Becerril de Campos (754 inhabitants).
Province: Palencia.
Usual stage: Mariano Haro (2,000 spectators).
Category: Group VIII of the Third Division.
Rival in the first round: Real Society.