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Mel: “I don’t feel in danger” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Mel: "I don't feel in danger" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

With it on. Thus must face the Las Palmas Sports Union for the last five months of a season full of swings, both emotional and transgaming.orging. The squad stays as it is unless a departure is confirmed (Pekhart, Legia Warsaw) or an unemployed player arrives (Alessando Matri). It plays magazine, and that’s what yesterday Pepe Mel at Ser Deportivos Las Palmas. “For us, the players we have are the best and with them we are going to die because they are the ones who are going to meet the goals. We are very happy with the attitude of the team since we went to Marbella because they all helped a lot in the economic issue”, Confessed.

Las Palmas lives at this time a hangover from the January slope harder than the start of the year ramp itself. “The team doesn’t find that regularity. We have a hard time going down that road to get the three points, but I think it’s a baggage that we shouldn’t stick with because it’s not satisfactory.” Mel says. In the face of the emergency room, and despite the team remaining three points from the playoffs, he nuanced the speech from previous weeks: “The first goal of this club is to get to 50 points as soon as possible.” In any case, he conjoined his pupils to “don’t fall asleep”: “We have 16 games left and we can’t sleep. If I, as costume leader, tell you to make 50 points, I put a rug on them to accommodate. We’re going to get that amount as soon as possible, and then yes: we’ll have to look at higher heights.”

The irregular trajectory UD in this season also has a numerical explanation. “The team will have 26 different lineups in 26 days for different reasons,” he recalled at the microphone. “Whoever’s run a football team knows that if the same associations don’t happen, things don’t work out the same,” he insisted. Things were better when he was able to keep most of them off the start: “When we’ve been almost the same we’ve had the good streaks.”

Mel feels rejoined enough. “I don’t feel like my position is in jeopardy because that’s what the club proves to me,” Says. Your contact with the Már invites you not to think otherwise. The objective is also being met: “My relationship with the president is daily. He’s interested in how the kids go on a day-to-day basis and I’m happy to debate with him about everything that affects the club. They asked me for one thing and it’s being fulfilled, and they’re doing it too. I was told that, under no circumstances could UD be at risk of descent.”

Foreseeable. For Las Palmas, the impossibility of repeating alignment has resulted in a plomizo game, without continuity, excessively disstressed, as ‘denounced’ the transgaming.orging director, Rocco Maiorino, yesterday at AS. In any case, the grancanario team committed one of the main football sins: to be predictable. “We confuse the ways to get there to endanger the opponent,” said self-critical. Caste comes to the greyhound: “In my understanding of football, maybe because I was a striker, I like to get outside. I think it’s the simplest and most dangerous way to hurt the other team. I don’t come to excuse myself but, for real reasons, we haven’t been able to play like that.” Thus, the rivals of the Grancanario team encounter half the work done. “The only thing the opponent has to do, as happened to Tenerife, is bascular. If the ball circulation is not very fast, it is very easy to plug the gaps”, Analyzed.

“We can change the way we circulate the ball, or we can change the system,” mel clarified. Against Cadiz, this Saturday at the Estadio de Gran Canaria, possible first rehearsal. “If there is one team that has shown in this League that the associative game suits them very well against, it is Cadiz. We’ll have to look for alternatives within what we have because I can’t make things up where there aren’t,” justified the head of the yellow bench. In any case, he wanted to take care of “Responsibility”: “It is my responsibility to mark the footballers the way to harm Cadiz. If you have Benito and Srnic as lanes, you can play with three power stations. We tried several things, but I will discuss with my footballers how they are most comfortable to hurt Cadiz.”

With Mel at Las Palmas they made their first-team debut Josep and Pedri, that have left it to penguin economic benefits in the entity. “A year ago no one knows who Josep and Pedri were,” he recalled yesterday the Madrid. I played boxing with them: “The sale of Josep is one of the things we were told when promoting footballers. A year ago no one knows who Josep was and who Pedri was and it is one of the goals achieved. In the end it turns out that he and Pedri have left money, something important about what we talked about in the summer.”

“Without Pekhart or Araujo the club saves a lot of money”

Mel gave pekhart’s departure yesterday. “The departures of Araujo and Pekhart involved a very large saving of money”, Justified. He asked for another striker, but with nuances: “I’m going with the truth ahead. If it’s not going to improve what we have, with Haro and Juan Fernández I promise that the UD will not go through trouble.” It also said that it asked for a right-back in the absence of Alvaro Lemos, “a vital player for us”. “I want to believe that it was sought because it was a thing we asked for, and we asked for little. We said three things to improve and I’m sure the club put all its efforts into it, he added.