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Mendizorroza, Cesarini Territory for Leganés in First – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The Leganés visit this Friday Mendizorroza, Cesarini territory for the pickles who, in their last three games in Vitória (all in First), have never won … but neither have lost thanks to the goals that came in the last minutes of their matches. A statistical issue that, seeing the Lega situation, stimulates optimism. In the blue and white state, any stimulus is valid. Also the story.

Leganés Coat of Arms / Flag

Recent story that, for example, last season was signed by Jonathan Silva. The left lane of the pickles managed to tie when Mendizorroza was already licking the victory. A left kick to Goikoetxea ended in a goal. The ball hit the bat and slipped to the level of Pacheco's left squad. The goal came in 94.. Final result: 1-1.

A year earlier, on January 21, 2018, Alavés became 2-0, but Gabriel de Penalti at 75 and Joseba Zaldua at 90 'ended up striking another spot on a stage that looked a lot like the previous season. In the Leganés debut in Primera, the final score was also 2-2, thanks to two goals from Madrid in the last breath. One (Guerrero) on the verge of rest. The other (from Insua) is about to finish the game at 84 minutes.

Thus began an unbeatable path which, in the First Division, indicates that the Leganes never lost against the Victorians. In total, three draws (Vitória's) and three wins (all in Butarque) that join the previous two games which, in the year of the rise of both teams, also did not fall on the Basque side: 0-0 in Mendizorroza and 2-0 south of the capital.

The last time Alavés took down Leganés was on January 1, 2015, when the Vitorians defeated Madrid players 2-0 in a duel that only Eraso survives on the cucumber side.