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Messi connects with Ansu Fati and barely finds Griezmann – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Messi connects with Ansu Fati and barely finds Griezmann - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Barcelona gave more than 750 passes in their win against Levante last Sunday. Of those, only six were combinations between Leo Messi and Antoine Griezmann. In the field, they barely meet. Like they’re water and oil, they don’t mix. You, Boston and me, California. The Frenchman is the Barcelona footballer who most unchecks in deeply traces but the Argentine rarely sees him, opting for other teammates or for the individual play.

The three passes that the Argentine, for whom the vast majority of Barca attacks pass, gave to the star signing of the summer are a very low percentage of his 95 interventions and reveal a problem of adaptation or mistrust past the equator of the season. Griezmann was not among Messi’s top partners against the Levant. The four footballers who received the most footballs from the crack were Ansu Fati (11), Semedo (10), Rakitic (7) and De Jong (6). That is, the other end, the side of his band and the two interiors. It is symptomatic since, even if only by closeness of position, the ten starts from the right and the first one is Griezmann in the center while Fati, far left, is farther away. Isolated, of the eleven headlines, the former white-rhoed was the one who played the fewest balls – even less than Ter Stegen – and ended up being replaced in the 71st minute.

Griezmann was hired for 120 million, but the tune in the game is not bought. Something that has already happened with Ibrahimovic, who did not digest Messi’s rise as a false nine, in his beginnings with David Villa – until 5-0 to Madrid de Mou – or with the Chilean Alexis, of which he was noted that he dragged very well to the defenses for the diagonals of Messi.

In contrast, what with French is artificial, with Fati everything comes out more naturally. Both are Masia’s quarries and debuted as teenagers in the first team.


In 71 minutes together against Levante, the Argentine and the Frenchman barely connected six times

Messi’s embrace is one of the most sought after safe conducts in Barcelona. It’s the sign of approval. The sign that the Argentine, ten, captain and capital, trusts a footballer. Busquets entered him through his eye from the beginning because of his vividness. Dani Alves cultivated it from the warm-ups as a couple, with Suarez sprouted as a friendship thanks to their respective families after Messi himself had suggested the name of Agéero, Neymar took his thumbs up in his second year to form the trident and when the Brazilian ran away the connection with Alba emerged.

Ansu Fati earned the first hug on a day when Messi didn’t even play. Injured, he came down to the dressing room and congratulated the quarry on his debut on 25 August against Betis. Then he hung the image on the nets. The Feeling between the two is evident. They’re family. And it is not a saying, since Rodrigo Messi, Leo’s brother, advises the Guinean-Bissau footballer, although his only legal representative is his father, Bori Fati. But crack doesn’t understand business when it’s on the lawn. There are football reasons to explain Messi’s sponsorship to Fati. A left-hander’s natural pass is to that band, Ansu has speed and goal to finish the moves and Messi needs accomplices.

“I like Griezmann,” Leo went on to say in May 2018, before the World Cup. Three weeks after that gesture, the Frenchman televised his decision to remain at Atlético and reject Barca. And the next summer Messi no longer showed such enthusiasm.

“They may be upset,” Griezmann acknowledged in his presentation. But I think with assistance we can fix everything,” the former mattress striker predicted.

No luis suarez

The harmony with Ansu Fati is natural, almost familiar; the ten needs accomplices and the 17-year-old responds

However, the game has not yet smoothed out those roughnesses. Of the 12 assists this season of Messi, only two have been for the Frenchman and only one (B. Dortmund) went with the ball in play as the Villarreal came on a corner.

Instead, Luis Suarez has received six gifts. Much more he is looking for French, perhaps because Leo Messi is always a good option to finish the plays.
Half of the world champion’s four goal passes have gone to the Ballon d’Or boots (Eibar and Mallorca). A relationship still in embryonic phase.

Should Barca bet more on the quarry in the first team?

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