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Messi: "I expect a very strong Real Madrid in the classic" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Leo Messi He does not want to play the bells in the air despite the state of optimism that was unleashed at FC Barcelona following the latest results from the Blaugrana team. During a promotional act by the sportswear company you saw, Messi said he expected a very complicated classic and that the key in the Champions League is to forget what happened last season on Anfield Road.

"I expect a very strong, very regular Real Madrid, as it has been lately. Barça-Madrid are always separate matches, special matches in which it does not matter how one arrives. We're both in a very good time. "Messi said at the event where he sponsored a 5 football tournament between youtubers celebrities who served to introduce the new botras that will be used from now on and will debut in Anoeta next Saturday.

As for LaLiga's progress, Messi acknowledged that the tournament is increasingly tied: "We realize that we know that everything is getting more and more alike. It's hard to play as a visitor, because the venue becomes very strong, which makes everything more combined and complicated. Everything is becoming more uniform. "

Asked by the Champions League, a competition in which Barcelona sealed their ranking as first in Tuesday's group stage, the Argentine acknowledged that it is still the big goal of Barcelona players who must forget Liverpool's trauma .

"Being honest, the Champions League is always there, but I think we have to start from scratch: it's a new year, a new competition, and what we need to do is learn from the past, the mistakes, think of the present and forget last year and the year before, because it would be a mistake to go into this question again. "

Messi made these remarks before the sixth gold ball he won last week in Milan. A prize that for Argentina is "special and different; each one has something special and this is for the moment I am at the personal level and in football. But everyone has their little things. "

A personal moment when Messi recognizes that he is totally happy. "I am at the moment trying to perfect myself, to want to learn every day, to take care of myself and to rest, to appreciate them … I am very grateful to continue dedicating myself to football"he assured.