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Mestalla saw only one league defeat in 2019 – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Him Valence I know will say goodbye to 2019 With love and even nostalgia. He was not only centenary year can also be classified as one of the best of its history for the emotions lived and also for the achievements. Valencia who in May won the King's Cup after 11 years of drought and that Qualified Tuesday – seven years later – for the eighth Champions League Final, will play against the Real Madrid your last match in Mestalla of the Year, a stadium where in the last 12 months only added the three points of the Eibar; although Arsenal (Europa League semifinals) and Ajax (in the second round of the Champions League) also reached the Victory in fe ché.

Shield / Flag Valencia

Him Valencewho plays in longest stadium of the current First division (opened in 1923), contested 27 official matches This year's house. Of them he won 15 (four with Celades), tied 12 (four with Celades) and lost three (one with Celades). Real Madrid was one of the those 27 rivalswith a result 2-1 in favor of black and white. Of course, Real Madrid have, in history, emerged victorious in 26 league matches, the second team to have won the most. at that stadium (Barcelona, ​​33).

Mestalla, as usual in these quotes, will be practically full. In the cabinets will be on sale today less than a thousand tickets, which oscillate between 85 and 230 euros. Valencia imposes the highest course prices against Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​although it must be remembered that all games played by the club as locals (League, Cup and Champions) are included in the season ticket, that almost 40,000 fans have been removed.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

O Nord curve, despite their discrepancies with the management of Anil Murthy, called to receive at Team Bus Hobby Square, which will be present around 7:30 pm In addition, the game will be the first of this season in which Peter Lim will participate in his private box, which does not leave the semifinal against Arsenal.