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Michu presented: "The first work is being done" – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Miguel Pérez Cuesta, better known as Michu, is now officially transgaming.orgs director of Burgos. The former Oviedo director arrives in the city with the intention of establishing himself and taking Franco Caselli's ambitious project to the top. The president, just 24 years old, decided to bet on the youth and ambition of the football player, who He has held the same position at Langreo and the club that saw him grow up as a player.

In his presentation, Caselli noted the work of finding his new transgaming.orgs director: "We had many meetings to have the best and me and Antonio (family member and also club president), we were convinced by Michu's hunger for success"He was also very happy to receive" a great opportunity "and a short and medium term goal is set:"Improve, play a playoff and go up to the Second Division"

Coat of Arms / Flag Burgos CF

Although Caselli's work has sparked media interest in recent weeks, Michu talked about how the project is developing: "It may not be seen from the outside so much, but the internal work being done is impressive and very professional, unusual in Second B and First itself.. I know where I come from, for a place with huge potential, but that is currently the 14th with 20 points. "

Reverse the situation and perhaps fighting the playoff positions is the big challenge that Michu has in the coming months. At the moment, the winter market arrives: "We have to call players who are aware of the opportunity to be here, who wants to defend this shirt. I know with a lot of ink what this field is, here I played with Real Oviedo in Segunda B and had to go down, so I know the history of that shield. We have an obligation not to make mistakes, to bring players who give an advantage and improve the team."

Salmeron, entrenched

First team coach José María Salmerón was questioned by poor results that the Burgos drag. However, the new board trusts him and Michu remains in the same vein. The transgaming.orging director confirmed in the post to the coach: "Of course he knows the team better and we will try to provide him with the players and the needs they have detected." However, the winter range is always harder: "The team will be tweaked, but let's not forget that it's hard to bring in top players who have played 19 games"

Obviously, you will have the support of your advice. Caselli explained that he considers his project "a successful ship" and that players who did not seize the opportunity cannot continue in 2020: "They are leaving exclusively for transgaming.orging reasons."The club also confirmed that Sergio Fernandez, Big Data Specialist and Jaime Alvarez They join Michu to do training work.