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Mijat Gacinovic reports after Alexander Nübel's brutal foul – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Mijat Gacinovic reports after Alexander Nübel's brutal foul

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After his kung fu kick, Alexander Nübel threatens with a long break. Time to think about his future at Schalke 04 or elsewhere.

After kicking kung fu, Alexander Nübel himself jumped the victim aside. "Thank you for apologizing right away. It can happen in football," Mijat Gacinovic wrote on Instagram, taking the keeper from Schalke 04 under protection for a long forcible breach – and has plenty of time to think, especially about his bleak future.

Nübel did not make a favor with the red card in 1-0 (0-0) against Eintracht Frankfurt. After his serious failure at 1-2 in Leverkusen, when he undercut the cross before entering the first goal, the European champion under 21 lost his nerve and made a name for himself again – but very different from what he did in this crucial phase of his career Magath requires long suspension for Nübel "For such a foul there should be a minimum of six weeks of suspension. It should be a lesson for him. The opponent's health was in danger," said former Schalke coach Felix Magath at Sky90. "You could already see on the pitch that he was very sorry. He doesn't do it on purpose, he's a super nice guy," said Nübels teammate Daniel Caligiuri, while Nübel himself posed. The 23-year-old knows: In poker for his future, the hand has gotten worse. World record champion Manuel Neuer in 2014 is about to sign a new contract with record champion Bayern Munich. By 2023, Nübel had already canceled at table leader RB Leipzig. And at Schalke, where the fans gradually resented him for an extension of the contract, his replacement – and possible successor – will be staged in the next matches.
Schubert convinces with astonishing roMarkus Schubert, who retained the lead of the Royal Blues through Benito Raman (53rd) after being sent off (66th), can prove under Nübel's suspension that he is already a Bundesliga goalkeeper. The U21 international, committed last summer for a possible Nübel departure from Dynamo Dresden, "did not have time to be nervous" when he unexpectedly debuted the 21-year-old with amazing composure and sovereignty. "We still have a goalkeeper who is also good," praised goal scorer Raman, "we saw that he was also an important backing. We have no concern that he will make mistakes." Nübel recently not always flawlessly earned more. In Leverkusen he brought Schalke back to Loserstrasse for the first time in almost two months. A week earlier, he had played the ball in his own place five meters ahead of the opponent in a 2-1 victory over Union Berlin. It doesn't look like poker will leave him without a trace of the future, and Schalke is currently calculating better chances of the former Paderborn player staying there. His adviser recently indicated that a move to Munich would make no sense if the Neuer contract was extended. With the signature of service provider Amine Harit under a new contract until 2024, sporting manager Jochen Schneider has another argument, "a sign inside and outside." The European Cup with fourth place just before the winter break also speaks against a farewell. "There's a lot we can do," said Schneider, who reportedly offered Nübel a higher value offer until 2024 than FC Bayern. But perhaps the Schalke goalkeeper of the future is also considerably cheaper and is called Schubert.