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Mirandés gives a football class in Girona – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Not just the Mirandés won in the most complicated field in the category, but it did so with solvency. He attacked at first and protected himself for much of the clash, but always keeping a latent danger over the goal of Juan Carlos. A high-rise victory, against a Girona minimized, powerless and without tino, who goes on vacation with a bitter taste. Frames André And Merquelanz built a victory that propped up Limones and which certified the Mirandés with two collective moves of a high level. And they tie points Girona.

Girona Shield/Flag

The first half had in itself two halves defined with the goal of Mirandés. Even the visitors were insultingly comfortable on the lawn of the best venue in the category, controlled well the Girona and they didn’t suffer back. Stuani warned with one goal voided in the five (the punchline was good) but no further news of the local attack.

Yes of the defence, specifically of Alcalá, to which he stole the Marcos André wallet to get the first of the match. From there Girona woke up, started to bite the door of the goal and was generating more and more. The Mirandés squeaked water for moments, but the danger above, with Marco Andrew And Merquelanz, remained in mind.

Shield/Mirandese Flag

After the break he continued to insist Girona, with more and more men and finding clearer options. Juanpe was able to tie the ball standing and also Stuani with a header after a good collective play. But Limones was attentive in all those actions, and thwarted the occasions of the Girona. And it is that if with the score matched the Mirandés knew to be daring, with the favorable score he knew how to contain Girona. And not only that, but he also knew how to finish the match with two goals from Merquelanz with a beautiful bill. Two counters, two collective moves that ended with a back pass and a finish at leisure.


Alex Gallar (28′, Samuel Saiz), Jozabed (61′, Gumbau), Alvaro Peña (68′, Malsa), Marc Gual (76′, Mojica), Matheus Aias (81′, Marcos de Sousa), Kijera (89′, Iñigo Vicente Elorduy)


0-1, 19′: Marcos de Sousa, 0-2, 78′: Merquelanz, 0-3, 92′: Merquelanz


Arbitrator: Jon Ander González Esteban
Arbitrator VAR: David Pérez Pallas
Guridi (4′,Yellow) Mojica (14′,Yellow) Malsa (58′,Yellow