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Mirandés Iraola: "Iñigo Vicente must not press anymore" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Andoni Iraola is a PhD in Mirandés, delighted with a family club and competing with achievements in a very demanding Second Division.. "We know the club and I, which is a complicated goal, it was hard to start, but we got a good race and we are in a good position, but the second one is very long, there are good and bad streaks," he wants to add to AS that "the category it's expensive, the teams you didn't think were there were put in. ”

The legendary exleon is fourth in history in matches at San Mamés (510), behind Etxeberria (514), Red I (541) and the almost unreachable Iribar (614). Now drives a list model plagued by Second B players: “Yes, practically all of them played last year are from Segundo B, except for a few exceptions like Álvaro Peña. It has cost us some inexperience with penalties or expulsions that cost points, but they are growing very individually and as a team. “The former player, who played in football before hanging his boots and training in Cyprus at the hands of Ander Murillo. One of his students is magician Iñigo Vicente, on loan from Athletic. “You don't have to push harder than you should, because it burns steps, with a very good predisposition from the start. Although he played less, continued to squeeze, played several games early on and scored goals. It will be necessary to insist, if it continues like this, it will be better player when it arrived ”, concludes Iraola.

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The Mirandés will be armored in January: "The club will try within its limitations to bring in a new player, probably from Second B more than the above category."
The possibility of Villalibre was already considered last August, now points to a new way out: “It's not up to me, it's the sporting direction. At the moment, we have three strikers who are performing well, Marcos André, Matheus and Barco, who got injured. It is a position that we cover well. ”The Cyprus experience served as" experience in playing Europa League and foreign language matches ". It does not mark personal goals. "It's day to day, growing as a coach and now being with Mirandés in second, it's my fight," ditch.

Iraola He received the Miranda Brotherhood's Hall of Honor at the Peña Athletic Juvenil headquarters, on a street as emblematic of the capital of Biscay as Mr. Poza.. The two presidents were present, Alfredo de Miguel, from Mirandés, and Aitor Elizegi, from Athletic, as well as his friend Gurpegi. “Meeting people from Miranda and Mirandés here with another from Athletic is phenomenal; I can't ask for more, ”he released.