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Moi Gómez: "We can wake up, we have to react now" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The yellow midfielder hopes to "win in Seville and change this bad series," something for which he says "he is working hard and convinced that he will be able to do it this Sunday." A change that the player recognizes "must be given now", with the idea of ​​maintaining "the sensations of the match with Atlético". For Moi Gómez, it is time to "change the momentum and look" as they have "equipment and personnel to do so", although he admits that they must "react now".

Calendar and Seville: "We have a complicated schedule, we are working hard to face the match with Sevilla, a game with a complicated opponent that is now going through a great moment. We know the difficulty but we look forward to winning a match like this and to change this dynamic, so we could use to win in a field like Sevilla. "

Complicated match: "We know it is a very complicated game, they are strong and play at a very high level. We have come to achieve a result that I think is good; it is a draw, but we gave a good image and left better feelings ".

Winning would give a lot of confidence: "A win would give us a lot of confidence, the team is working well and looking forward to the match. We know that if we won in Seville it would be a big blow, the points are important but that victory would be very special."

Misfortune: "We know there are gusts over a season and these things happen. After starting off very well, we are now in that situation. But the team is united, we want to get over it and we will do it now."

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Keep the feeling of the match with Atlético: "We have to keep up the momentum with Atletico, we are feeling well and we know we should react now."

Pizjuán a complicated field: "It's a very intense field, we know it's very hard to win there. They get very strong, but I think we are working well and we are finding that the sensations are solid and compete well."

Personally, I'm fine: "I feel good, the coach gives me all the confidence and work to return him to the field. I have continuity and I try to do my best, it will be better or worse, but at least what is never missing is leaving everything on the field."

Europe objective: "I think we have a model to look for, this league is very close and if you win two games you get up. Now we are thinking of Seville with the idea of ​​winning the first and regaining confidence and feelings. foot, but we should react now. "

More solid with the middle people: "With more people in the middle, we were stronger, we are a block and we are more organized. But this is a technical matter, so we should work with the system that decides and does our best."