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Mollejo: "It doesn't occur to me to leave in January" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The next morning that Paco Zas and his board of directors submitted his resignation as agents of the sports, the blue and white club considered that the most appropriate player to analyze the situation in the press room was Victor Mollejo. That decision, at least questionable, was resolved by the 18-year-old striker, who arrived on loan a few months ago, with the strength of a veteran and speaking clearly. Recognize that the situation is limited, but we must continue to believe and he queues announcing that he is not going anywhere in the winter market:

January: I made a decision in the summer and go with her to death. I came to a historic club, a club where in life I would think I could be part of your first team at 18. I am very happy to be here. In good times and bad. I made the decision, I didn't think so, but now is when people are seen. In the positive moments, when the goal is the climb, it is very easy to reach. But now in bad times, when the goal is to be saved, you also need to be proud of where you are and the shield you defend. At no time did it cross my mind to leave. I'll be here until I sign my contract and fight like the club of my life. "

Shield / Sports Flag

Resignation: We're here to play soccer. We try to isolate ourselves. Obviously, we echo the situation because we have so much to blame. We do self-criticism because if the results were better, that would not happen.. The club notified us this morning, but I try to be aware of everything and, of course, found out yesterday (Monday). It was something that could happen. The club is not well and it was something that could happen. "

Lose the illusion: We are really angry, There are few reasons to have the enthusiasm and desire to continue, but it is the least. We are as angry as everyone else, especially because we live it inside. When you go to work, you think about leaving your work happy and we spend 18 days straight back home without that feeling. But if we lose the illusion, we can go now. We have to keep working and believe in each other"