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Monaco Benjamin Henrichs in the "kicker meets DAZN – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Benjamin Henrichs was out of sight after his departure from Leverkusen in the summer of 2018. Rumors of a move to Bundesliga leader RB Leipzig brought the 22-year-old back into the spotlight. In the current issue "kicker meets DAZN – football podcast" Henrichs talks about a possible return to the Bundesliga, his ambitions in the national team and his preference for central midfield.

If you think the media are reporting, a change from Benjamin Henrichs to RB Leipzig during the winter transfer period is just a matter of form. Accordingly, AS Monaco should have a concrete offer for the versatile 22-year-old from the top of the Bundesliga. There is a transfer fee of 20 million euros.

Henrichs himself stays true to the rumors in the "kicker meets DAZN – football podcast", saying just as much: "Leipzig plays really good football, you can see that the coach does a really good job – and the table speaks for itself. But of course I can't say more, if only out of respect for Monaco – but also for Leipzig. "

But Henrich's answer is clear when it comes to his general interest in returning to the Bundesliga: "Definitely." Above all, he follows his ex-club every step of the way: "I try to see every game, especially from Leverkusen, because there are still a lot of guys that I have played and that I have contact with."

Benjamin Henrichs: "I want to return to the national team"

From 2015 to 2018, Henrichs played for Bayer Leverkusen, where he consistently performed well for the German national team. In November 2016 he was nominated for the first time by national team coach Joachim Löw, in 2017 he was part of the squad that won the Confed Cup in Russia.

Since then he has not been part of the senior team, but he will definitely go back there and as soon as possible: "I will definitely go back to the national team, preferably with the next international match."

After good performances at the U21 European Championships last summer, Henrichs hopes for another chance at Löw. "We had contact after the European Championship final. He told me I had presented myself well." However, he had "never seen Löw in Monte Carlo at the stadium or in the casino so far," Henrichs says with a wink in the podcast.