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Montero, on the list of winter departures of Deportivo – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


On the last day of summer market they arrived at Deportivo at once five signings. One of them was Javi Montero, who did so as loaned by Atletico with Mollejo. The 20-year-old powerhouse landed in Riazor as a promising young promise of great projection. U-21 International and nine LaLiga and two Champions League matches with Simeone seemed a more than safe endorsement. However, their performance has disappointed.

Photo by Francisco Montero

Holder with Depor almost since the start by Somma’s injury, has been one of the pieces of the team that has most accused the nefarious blanquiazu seasonl. Gradually he was losing confidence and making serious mistakes. The last one was a naive 90′ penalty against Tenerife that almost left Depor without his long-earned victory. With the colist team and seven points away from salvation, the workforce revolution is inevitable in the winter market. And one of those on the exit list is Montero. The Atletico already knows it and the central, which already has two offers of Second, will have no problem finding destination.

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The club also works to find Samuele Longo’s team. The point conceded by Inter de Mián has not scored one goal in Liga and has only scored a penalty in the Cup. Another striker who is wanted for a way out is Christian Santos despite his goal to Tenerife. The Venezuelan striker, faced with the possible change of coach, is still unclear.

Institutional Sudoku

The winter market is always complex because of the urgency and limited supply, but in the case of Deportivo the sudoku is more complex because of the institutional situation. The current president, Paco Zas, has resigned, but the Board that will appoint his successor will not take place until 14 January. Fernando Vidal is the only one who has run and is de facto president, but not legally. Thus, the logical thing is that the market operations are carried out by the future representative, but the only valid signature until 14-E is that of Zas. The outgoing president is ready to facilitate the transition And on December 18, he met Vidal at a summit that included Carmelo del Pozo and Richard Barral (former club transgaming.orging director and now Vidal’s advisor). In it they met first-hand the operations underway, in and out. Now they must decide what it is worth while Zas expects it to be confirmed that there are no more candidates to authorize signings and sales.