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Monterrubio: "I see Diego Martínez a long time ago here" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Tell us about the team project and its identification with the city.

Identifying with the city was our first strategic line within the club. We worked to identify with the city that this club had a big deficit when we arrived. The promotion, in addition to giving us a chance to play at Primera, gave us identification with our people.

Grenada Shield / Flag

Now a great communion is perceived between the team and the fans.

It is a symptom of this identification with the team and the club. We tell them to compete with us, even the players say they realize and need the support of the people. We played very difficult games and I'm sure we'll get a lot more from here at the end of the season with the support of the fans.

Los Cármenes is the stadium with the best percentage of First Presence.

We are very happy with the assistance. Our people know what's coming, fight and compete with us, and they know the team gives everything on the pitch and it gets people in droves. We have also established seat transfers to our subscribers. We don't want the image that there are no tickets, but the stadium is not full.

They also have a significant number of clubs.

I think we are about 70 years old. There are two major associations, & # 39; G-19 & # 39; and you're never. There is also the rock of Madrid. And we have clubs in France, Ireland, Patagonia … We reinforce the social issue.

How did you face the club's reality last season after not joining Primera?

Making a thorough analysis of this reality, clear, transparent and straightforward. We get the positive things. We thought that not everything was negative. The promotion goal was not achieved, but we decided that we had to maintain the base of our team, even though we had to change things. We wanted a new coach and we worked differently internally also within the club.

And how did you adapt to this reality without losing your mind?

With common sense. We analyze the reality. We try to do different things. We create this identification with people. We did not want to raise high expectations. We invented, in quotes, the "step by step" and competing points. We raised a family. This is a very bad point, but people within the club realize that we are family. This is one of the secrets we can build and work upon.

Did the club's economic future depend on the increase?

No. The club was already sustainable in the second, but with many difficulties. It was not an economic issue, but a club project. Yes, it is true that a club's second year after a descent is the hardest and is unfortunately being seen in other cities. In the first year, descent aid makes you look like in First B, an intermediate step between First and Second. The second year makes you see the reality of the second. Our club is sustainable and has no debt. In the second, we didn't have either. We survive on the resources we are able to generate.

Is it harder to go up in the second year or do a project in Primera with the third lowest salary limit?

Both. In the first year of the second year, we were one of the highest budgets in the category. I think we had the best team, but we weren't the best team. In the second year, we focused on that and First, we focused on being the best team. No matter the name, if in the end we are not a team. We have a committed team that fights in every game. We can beat anyone and to win we have to sweat.

What is Granada's wage ceiling?

We have not reached 36 million. 35.4 million We are the third lowest and we compete with teams that have 670 million. And we beat Barça … Football is not math. –

And what is your budget?

About 58 million. If everything goes normally, we will be around 60.

It was essential to hit the coach and set the model.

Being one of the lowest sporting limits in the category, the chances of error are reduced and much more needs to be hit. We started with the coach. We knew the profile we wanted and we were clear. We went to Diego Martinez. It is now easy to talk about the outcome, but the conviction was absolute when the decision was made.

They recently renovated it. Did you put clause?

We put things … Among other clauses, we have a very important confidentiality, as in all the contracts we sign. It was not a complicated renovation either. When two want to come together and both sides are clear, the deal is simple.

Do you envision a short and medium term future without Diego Martínez?

Obviously not. The belief is absolute. I explained the day of renewal that it's not just a matter of results, it's a matter of conviction. We see every day how you work, the coaching team and the group that was formed. We see that we continue to advance and grow together.

No coach has been in charge for more than two consecutive seasons. Have you seen him for a long time in Los Cármenes?

Yes, I see him a long time here. Projects need stability. That is why Diego's renewal and the attempt to keep him here for a long time and grow with the players who have been with us since the Second and we want them to stay here for a long time. All of this gives stability to a club.

What about the HOPE Group (this group advises on the hiring issue and is led by Antonio Cordón)?

Good They support us on sports issues. It is a group that the president has created that supports the clubs that belong to the business group. We coordinate different sports issues with them and try to create synergies between clubs.

Does President John Jiang let them work?

There is no interventionism. There is a constant report and you are informed in decision making and where we are going. Leave work and create a very comfortable work environment.

Do you miss more coming around town?

Depending on your possibilities, try to be as much as possible. Soon you will visit us again. This year we are trying and let him see that he should have as much presence as he can. He was in Valencia, Madrid, with Barça … Physical presence has nothing to do with his implication, which is absolute.