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Morata is justified in Arce's rhythm: "For many tsunamis that come, they won't stop me …" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Atletico needed to score Osasuna to continue with the improvement. In front of Lokomotiv, the pass was closed to the eighth of the Champions League, but in LaLiga could not fail. Herrera denied Simeone's first-half goal in every possible way, until Morata won a spotless foul by Trippier. Atletico needed the goal and Morata, like a battering ram, more. Madrid headed five games without a goal, right after a race that kept Atletico. The forefront, as always in these cases, comes into the spotlight and Morata took advantage of the goal that opened after the game.

Morata's post on his profile.

He did this through his social media profile, using a stanza from a song by rapper Arce:

"For many tsunamis that come, they won't stop me,

No one helped me get my bread.

They are waiting for the champagne to fall,

but no, they won't ".

Athletic Shield / Flag

Atletico striker is already on seven goals in 18 games, he is the top scorer of the mattress, just as the club paints the score to strengthen the position and balance Diego Costa's injury. Atletico found the goal again, with four goals in 72 hours against Lokomotiv and Osasuna to qualify for the Champions League knockout phase and be back in the LaLiga top four. Before the Navarrese, He also returned the goal of his battering ram, a Morata that broke a 539 minute drought, five full games, almost an hour against the Rojillos and the last 22 minutes of the match against Espanyol before the international break.

The & # 39; 9 & # 39; managed pierce the colossus Sergio Herrera with a header after a foul on Trippier. Morata crossed a stubbornness to which nothing could do the goal despite Estupiñán's attempt to help. "The important thing is to keep growing, not who scores the goals," said the striker at the end of the game. However, he also acknowledged that "I wanted to dial, there are times when you are close, other times you enter alone … In the end, it's hard to score. "

The truth is, Morata saw the door again. when more names sound to reinforce the red and white front. In January, if nothing goes wrong, another tip will reinforce the model, heavily dependent on his top scorer Morata, who, with Diego Costa's injury and Saponjic's nonexistent participation, was left empty. & # 39; 9 & # 39; prior to the question of whether it bothers him to talk about players at his post to reinforce the team was concise that "No, the truth is, I don't care. If any player arrives, it will be well received. We are a great team and a great wardrobe"

While João Félix is ​​becoming increasingly important in the mattress game, but still not consistently achieving his goals, Morata keeps pulling the car in this facetalthough after an extraordinary run of six matches, there was a slowdown in performance against the rival door that became too long for Simeone. In the last appearances, Morata moved well, it was very important in the back game, but he seemed very nervous in setting.

Sometimes it seemed accelerated, falling offside steadily, something that cost him that his goal against Lokomotiv was canceled by the VAR for being minimally advanced. Other, his momentum made him fail at the moment of the beating, Case Turin, where it did not reach a measured center of Correa or before Osasuna himself, with a great pass from João Felix when he finished the air from hand to hand. Your goal is expected to be a launch and accelerate the pace that was so important to the team. In total, they accumulate eight of the team's 26 goals (31% of the team), of which six are in the league.

Head again

Morata's goal came at its best, The shot in the head. In total, there are four of their eight course objectives that have been tested. The first one, on LaLiga opening day to beat Getafe, also enjoying the center of Trippier. The second was against Bayer Leverkusen in another 1-0 and with the assistant Lodi. And in Seville, before the Hispanic team also scored first with Arias as an assistant.