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More than one million World Cup tickets have already been sold – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


More than one million World Cup tickets have already been sold - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Four days after the World Cup in France has kicked off, there are already more than a million tickets sold for the World Cup event. An important milestone that is placing this World Cup among the most followed in the history of the championship. The record for best entry in history will not be surpassed, as none of the assigned stadiums exceed 90,000 spectators, a record held by the 1999 World Cup in the United States.

There are already 14 matches for those who have hung up, there are no tickets. The first full one was able to live at the opening in the Parc des Princes in Paris. But there’s more. France, the host, will arrive in all their group stage matches, against Norway, on 12 June in Nice, and against Nigeria, on 17 June in Rennes. But there’s more. Seven more group-stage matches will also have been full, including Germany-Spain on the 12th or the three meetings that the United States will play in the group stage against Thailand, Chile and Sweden.

But it won’t just be full in the group stage. Even without knowing the rivals, the Parc des Princes also has no tickets in the quarter-finals (28 June) and for the semi-finals and final to be played in Lyon there are also no tickets left. The record for spectators at a World Cup, held by Canada with 1,353,506 spectators, is getting closer to beating. However, in Canada 52 matches were played as the participants increased, as in this World Cup in France, but the best average is still that of the United States at its 1999 World Cup with 1,214,209 spectators. France has turned to the World Cup and they want it to be the most watched in history. 27 days before the World Cup is over, for the time being, it’s very close to achieving it.

Matches for which there are no tickets:
France-Republic Korea (7-J)
Brazil-Jamaica (9-J)
United States-Thailand (11-J)
France-Norway (12-J)
Germany-Spain (12-J)
Netherlands-Cameroon (15-J)
United States-Chile (16-J)
Nigeria-France (17-J)
Italy-Brazil (18-J)
Sweden-United States (20-J)
Paris quarter-finals (28-J)
Lyon Semi-Finals (2-July and 3-July)
Lyon Finale (7-July)