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Mossos guarantee Classic 18-D access and dispute – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


According to the Mossos d 'Squadron, the Catalan regional police, the classic will be played safely. This was stated by Minister and Interior Miquel Buch at a news conference hosted by the club's commissioner, Eduard Sallent and Lluís Venteo, the commissioner responsible for coordinating club security with law enforcement.

"Los Mossos d 'Squad guarantee the match dispute, fans' access to the stadium, teams and referees, and the outside and inside security of the venue, ”Buch explained, adding that“ the situation is the same as on October 26, when the match was celebrated. also insured. We do not share the idea of ​​postponing the game, which was LaLiga's sole decision and we reiterate that it was a mistake. ”

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* Data updated on December 13, 2019

Commissioner Sallent has specified that the device will have two phases, one external and one at the perimeter of the stadium, and is based on three precepts: "The game is high risk, we are on terrorist alert every four and we have Tsunami's call for mobilization on the field. "

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* Data updated on December 13, 2019

In this regard, Sallent explained that "a porous security perimeter will be mounted where it will be needed." That is, a ring that isolates the stadium will not be mounted, but will act at specific points. Entries will be made at the gateway and there will be a point from which you can only access if you have an entry. The commissioner explained that the mobilizations will be kept as far as possible from the field.

The officer also explained that while security inside the stadium is private as usual and will be performed by Barcelona, Mosses will be alert to identify and retain anyone who eventually jumps on the lawn (“Something possible, but not likely,” they said) or that they are ready to intervene if any disturbances are reported within the room.

To ensure security, 1,000 Mossos troops will be deployed from a total of 3,000 to Brimo (riot control) as well as underground control units, tedax, the information and citizenship unit.

Councilor Buch explained that the Mossos are in permanent contact with both teams ",but especially with Barça, which is the host of the game, to ensure that the game is played normally.