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Mule wants to leave and Antoñín's clause is three million – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Jokin Barcena, from the IS representative agency, spoke at SER Deportivos Málaga about the situation of two of his representatives, Mula and Antoñín. Barcena has made it clear that his intention is for the striker to benefit from the parties' renewal clause contained in his contract and that it will be effective if he plays 45 minutes on Sunday against Extremadura. With this renewal, its current termination clause of three million euros will be maintained until June.

The club is hoping to reach a separate agreement to make it professional in January, but for now this option is not welcomed by either the player or his agent. "It will not be a new contract. From the moment I play 10 games of 45 minutes or more, it has a determined status from July 1, 2020 and that is what we will fulfill. What they offered us was contrary to We are not going to get into the exceptional circumstances Malaga is currently in. As a result, we decided to stay in the situation we were in because, from July 1st, he will make a lot more money, "said Barcena.

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As for his short-term future, Antoñín's representative realizes that "they want it to be kept, but let's not forget that Malaga has a present and a very near uncertain future. The player is a phenomenon, is an outstanding series and a mirror in which practically every professional should be seen. He is 19 years old, has had no difficulties in the last four years and has overcome them with effort, work and humility. The best thing that can happen to him is to get Malaga, who Malaga makes a lot of money out of it because I wish it was an economical solution and therefore a continuity of the club. From there he triumphs and Malaga continues his course. "

As for Mula, Jokin Barcena made his position and that of the player very clear: get out in the winter market. “For health reasons, he has to leave the club by June. No one forgets that he terminates his contract on June 30, 2021, and any circumstances other than those designated would be detrimental to all parties and beneficial to only a few. With Mula, of course, at this point, he will have to leave Malaga, because there is still no certainty that he can play in Malaga. Consequently, neither Malaga nor the player will lose a situation in which the player himself can claim after all that has happened. He must leave due to circumstances of his own claim. What happened happened, I will not influence, because it is already very bad. What I want is for the player to stay ahead. Malaga failed to play with Mula's parameters. Today they lost her. There are the first clubs that are thinking about it, in the second there is an important offer and then there are clubs abroad that also want ”, explained the representative of the malaguista.