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Munúa leaves Cartagena and leaves for Montevideo National – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Cartagena made official something that was taken for granted since the afternoon of yesterday, that Gustavo Munúa leaves the entity to sign for Nacional de Montevideo. The club chaired by Paco Belmonte and the Uruguayan coach reached an agreement for “the release of the contract” that linked both parties and gives free way for Munúa to join the bench of an institution that he knows perfectly since it was where he trained as a player and in which he had his first experience as a manager.

Gustavo Munúa, who tomorrow he will lead the team against Yeclano, leaves Cartagena leader of Group IV and being one of the great candidates for promotion to the silver category. The charrúa, excited at the media appearance, commented that “for us it is a very difficult decision, because we have a broken heart.” The first thing he wanted is to “thank the club for trusting us from the beginning, for all the closeness we had in all this time and for understanding the situation that is presented to us at the moment”. On the reasons for his departure, he said that “National is the team of my life, it’s my family and it’s very important to me. Besides, I have two kids there and I want to get closer to them“. Finally, he commented that “there is an incredible human group in the locker room and I have no doubt that this squad will make the promotion concrete.”

Cartagena Shield/Flag

For Belmonte, who accompanied Munúa on the farewell, “Overnight you don’t expect the coach to leave. There’s never a break in this club, there’s a break“. For the president, “we are already on our way to find a replacement to help us get closer to professional football.” Munúa assured him that “here you have your house, your family and we understand your decision,” as well as thanking you for your work to “make us grow“.