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My Eleven Real Madrid History in the Classics – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


This is my eleven Real Madrid record in the Classics.

Royal Madrid Emblem / Flag

Casillas Iker

For 16 years, I saw Iker become a wall at Camp Nou. I saw despair even Messi himself, passing by Ronaldinho, Etoo, Villa, Pedro, Alexis, Neymar or Luis Suarez himself, who have already reached the final stretch of Casillas with the team of his life. With El Santo in the Camp Nou goal, he became more convinced of the possibility of assaulting Barça's feud. Of course he conceded many goals after so many years, but not all the stops the Mostoles team made for the white cause would fit in a long book like Homeland.


Another forged quarry in the south of the capital (Leganés). Carvajal goes to Camp Nou with a spirit that Pepe had. Without complexes, furious, haranguing his companions so as not to be affected by Camp Nou's environmental roar against his eternal enemy. I saw Carvajal stop Neymar and Jordi Alba, an almost impossible mission. But the important thing is the courage with which he always plays there. Nothing wrinkles. Captain on duty


The area quarterback, the sheriff of the classics. The iron duels at Camp Nou are hard to forget. He kept them rigid, even with Fig, who was later his white mate. Personality, always be careful not to be intimidated by the atmosphere of Camp Nou. His dialectical peaks with Koeman are still remembered. The Malaga was not wrinkled by environmental pressure and grew as more noise came from the stands of Camp Nou. His big game in the Champions League semifinals in 2002 by 0-2 is not easy to forget. He was a great captain of Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos

The 93rd-minute hero, who emulated his feat three seasons ago by silencing Camp Nou with a last-minute header that gave Madrid a point he knew by three (similar to the other day with Courtois and Benzema in Mestalla) . Ramos and Pepe signed prodigious matches at Camp Nou, drying up Messi. Shrimp appear in these games and always show their face to their team. Your pike and pike are also being left in the retina. True, they remind him of a red for his kick to Messi on the night of Barca's hand with Mourinho in his debut in the Classics, but in my memory there are many games of this caliber in which Ramos's strength and strength gave Madrid Points. that ended up giving titles. 1-2 wins in the Record League (2011-12) without going further.

Roberto Carlos

A lick to the head left him lying on the Camp Nou grass bleeding in the last classic played in Barcelona in the twentieth century. Only then could they stop his power, his power in the race, his incredible gallops on the left wing, his remote-controlled missiles that were the terror of Barça fans … once he was kicked out with a direct red for going into Fig. hard … but he touched the ball. The Brazilian was pure spectacle. From the few players in Madrid who at Camp Nou have started some applause of admiration. Roberto was pure spectacle, leaving the colors aside.


My first idol, pure white heart. The ceiling was fire, the first total player I can remember. It was a box by box before we even knew what that term meant. He went up and down without passing out, and this can be seen by the Barça of the 60s and 70s, which suffered a lot. In fact, the first Pirri Classic played him at the age of 19 and the Whites beat their big rival at the Bernabeu with an undisputed 4-1. Pirri marked the golden age of Madrid, starting with the Ye-Yes and ending with Madrid, who in 1980 won the League for the Royal Society of Arconada and López Ufarte with a big final win over Athletic at the Bernabéu (3-1, Pirri's last goal as a Madrid player before leaving for Puebla de Mexico).


The swan with boots. A man in the field and a respected guy wherever he goes. At Camp Nou, he left his seal with his Vaseline goal for Bonano in the 2002 Champions League semifinal. Camp Nou was delighted with Marseille's marvelous action. Maybe they never had a more admired enemy. Zidane, elegant in every way, has no contraindications, and the goldsmith's football spoke for him. There were more triumphant classics by Zizou (I remember a triumphant 1-2 with a goal by Ronaldo Nazario). Then Zidane's magical goal would reach the Glasgow final with La Novena, but it all started at Camp Nou …


Madrid has such legendary attack players that I was forced to put Raul in the spinal cord trio. I am the same. He deserves it from afar. I will not stop at his famous gesture silencing Camp Nou after his 2-2 goal in the 1999 classic after a disastrous referee by Díaz Vega (he forgave a clear penalty from Sergi that led to the expulsion). The eternal captain, the indefatigable 7, played an endless collection of classics and always left the seal to his pundonor and his "ratoneros" goals, those who only smell the attackers with a real smell. Raúl was one of Barça's nightmares from his 1994 debut until his departure from Madrid in 2010. His duels with Puyol were epic and clean, remaining one of the most honest and beautiful fights in football history.

Cristiano Ronaldo

I lift Portuguese steel, the man who came to rewrite the history of the classics, the guy who entered the & # 39; Era Messi & # 39; until it became the & # 39; Christian era & # 39 ;. His four champions and four white gold balls speak for him. Madrid enjoyed for nine unrepeatable years, while Barça suffered with its great goals of all colors and its famous "siiiiiiiiiiiiuuuuuuu". To frame the goal that came in the 2011-12 Liga result, which signed at Camp Nou the achievement of the Record League (100 goals and 121 goals), with Mourinho on the bench, winning the battle against Guardiola. Cristiano was the man on deck who silenced Camp Nou on the basis of power, ambition and an undeniable competitive desire. On the day he went to Juventus, many Catalans breathed a sigh of relief at Camp Nou.

Say Stefano

As my lord father says, the most complete football player in the history of football. My eyes did not see him, but the history books and television images, which brings me many goals celebrated by La Saeta before the eternal rival. Di Stéfano could be from Barça, but Madrid invested the money they gave to pay millionaires. Santiago Bernabéu was a lynx in the offices and knew how to negotiate with skill to bring the player who changed the course of events forever. Di Stefano was the leader on and off the field. He dragged all his teammates and made Barca's legs tremble only with his presence. The Argentinean Spanish was in everything. The light of Kubala, the great Barça star of the time, dimmed.

Paco Gento

The man of the six European Cups, no one else has. The player who destroyed the Barça band with his supersonic interned on the left wing. Its speed was pioneer in its time. No one could follow him and that's why he rushed to the bottom line and focused on the lucidity of the player who surpasses the lines without any problem. The Cantabrian Galerna was a pure finish, eleven who marked an epoch and won Camp Nou several times (he did not forget an Imperial 1-5 in the League). Gento earned a place in the historic eleven for his honesty, his values ​​and his desire to stand out (he has won 12 leagues in 18 years!). A great one of our current President of Honor.