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Naples-Barcelona | Guillermo Amor: Valverde: "It will be difficult; in San Paolo the atmosphere is strong" – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Naples: "A tough opponent, as we expected. We played with them preseason, although it has nothing to do. The problem is that you value rivals on the day of the tie and at the moment, but you don't know what will happen in two months. It is true that now they have changed coach, in Serie A did not start well, but in Europe they have won many points in the group and beat Liverpool at home and tied at Anfield, and have a great atmosphere in their stadium.

Barcelona Coat of Arms / Flag

Naples Coat of Arms / Flag

Dangers: "They have Fabian, Alley, Mertens, Insigne. They have already shown in the United States that they have quality in the center of the field. Let's see how we are all when the draw begins, because it will have to be well prepared."

San paolo"It will be a strong environment with a big stadium where the fans are, but we are used to playing against these rivals and it will be nice to live in an environment like that generated in Naples for games like this."

Love: "Let's go where Maradona is God"

Guillermo Love, responsible for institutional and transgaming.orgs relationsappeared in Movistar Champions League to analyze Barcelona's final match against Naples

They avoided Tottenham and Chelsea. Happy?

All rivals are complicated. To think that one rival might be better than another would be to disrespect rivals. Better or worse, harder or easier, as everyone says. Maybe I like one more, or you (for the interviewer). It is a matter of taste. Naples is a team to respect. He has had a coach change recently. Let's see what we found. We will try to close the tie in Barcelona.

Live a turbulent moment in Naples

Maybe if we catch them now, they may notice difficulties with the change, but they have time to prepare and understand what Gattuso wants. The important thing will be to arrive at a good time. There is time until February to get to know your rival better.

Can the environment weigh in on a team that has been suffering so much out there in recent years?

I have always said that it is preferable to play with a full field. Even if it's against, the player likes it. I think the player likes it.

Messi, in the camp where Maradona was crowned.

The memory of Naples for the people is Maradona. Maradona is God there. I hope Leo is at your level.