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Narváez: “With Pedri and Viera, work becomes easier” – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Colombian striker Juanjo Narváez keeps scoring goals with beautiful goals, like the one he won on the last day against Numancia. "It is true that when I arrived I got a little stuck and it cost me more than the bill at first but the reality is that I am now well on target," said the Real Betis designated player.

He believes that one of the keys may be that “maybe it's where I am in the field, above and with some freedom, I better be able to do that kind of shooting, which sometimes comes in and sometimes not, but what is not negotiable is the job. If giving everything comes the goals, better than better, ”he said.

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Pedri and Jonathan Viera's presence may be good for their play, stating that “everyone is good for us because they know how to interpret the game very well and are very good when they have the ball. With both of them on the pitch, work is easier for the team, because when they have the ball in their feet, anything can happen. The truth is that when they are on the field, they give me a little more freedom and every day I feel more in love with them and the rest of the team. In the squad we have very good players, but we need to be realistic and we can't deny that with Pedri and Viera, the job gets easier. Let's try to take advantage of them and get the most points from them in the field. "

With this third straight win against Numancia, what they expect from now on is “trying to keep winning the matches the way we are doing to be taller. If this can be achieved, welcome, because of course we are now in a positive race that makes us more dangerous. The important thing is to continue with this mindset and start the week with the idea of ​​going to Elche for the three points, even though it will be a difficult game, but we have to think that we will travel to try to beat them. We have three games left before the break and we will try to win all three; I hope we can say goodbye to this year 2019 ”.

The funny thing about this team is that once it's positive, it suddenly becomes negative, although “In the end, this is it and the important thing is that we are prepared for when the evil comes, we try to pass as quickly as possible. One of the things that caught my attention when I arrived is that the fans still support the team, despite having a negative sequence; The important thing is that everyone keeps holding hands, supporting, to keep growing. The important thing is always to keep winning, which at this moment is our only goal, to be standing and more fans keep coming to the stadium. "

Next week will be a tough week, with a match this Sunday against Elche, Tuesday against Castellón in the Copa del Rey and Saturday against Rayo Vallecano, although what worries you now is “just think about this game Sunday against Elche and then the Copa del Rey will arrive. Players are recovering and it will surely be their turn. Although we have three games in seven days, there are good players in this group to give everything in the Liga and Copa del Rey. Anyone in or out of the bank will be incorporated and certainly not noticed because we are all training hard. "