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Neymar-Barça: surreal increase of nonsense – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Like a permanent shoot that occasionally shows the result of the recordings, the absurdity of the Neymar affair hit another flash on Thursday, when it was learned from El Mundo that the Brazilian filed a second lawsuit against Barça, in which he claims 3.5 million euros for non-payment. This claim joins a first, in which Neymar demands 30 million euros (26 plus four interest) for non-payment of the second term (charged 14 of the first) of the bonus of his contract extension with the Barça club. Barça, which in turn claims 14 million euros from the first period of the bonus, declined to accept that amount after Neymar paid his 222 million euros clause and signed for Paris Saint Germain. In a grotesque exercise, Neymar's father turned Thursday night on Spanish radio stations to try to justify the second claim by saying it was an extension of the first and that the parties will finally come to an agreement.

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The degree of surrealism surrounding the Barça-Neymar relationship since the departure of the Brazilian is extreme. His march to the PSG was resolved with a crossroads of harmful complaints that were the best evidence of a painful divorce. Neymar, who lives on his planet, felt exactly the same as frying complaints to Barca, but arriving at Ciutat Esportiva and drinking coffee with his former colleagues just weeks after leaving for Paris. They say Valverde and some players didn't give credit to the scenes. Then the phone calls to manager Javier Bordas and some criticism of Bartomeu began to admit his mistake of leaving for Paris and his desire to return …

But the demands have never been dropped.. They remained there, even as negotiations between the parties advanced in the summer and there were times when the possibility of Neymar's return to Can Barça was really valued.. On September 27, Neymar and Barça had a first meeting at Ciutat de la Justicia in Barcelona. During the morning of Friday, there were rumors that the parties could reach an agreement linked to a possible return of the Brazilian, but this did not happen. Demand for 3.5 million euros was the last installment of a two-and-a-half-year film that, incredibly, still surrounds the possibility of a possible return of the Brazilian than every day, yet it seems further afield. Like so many other things, no one has summed up this surreal nonsense better than Messi. The partner does not support this show that touches the image of Barça.