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Niklas Süle (FC Bayern) explains comeback plan – and is irritated by Hoeneß statement – Euro 2020

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FC Bayern: Niklas Süle is out with a cruciate ligament tear. However, he did not like a statement by Uli Hoeneß.

  • Niklas Süle has developed in the summer a Crucial ligament tear Involved.
  • Since then, the defender of the FC Bayern Munich and works for his comeback.
  • Now the national player spoke at an event about the EUROPEAN Championship 2020.

Update from February 26, 2020: The club season is entering a hot phase and as a result of the 2020 European Championships is getting closer and closer. It is well known that he wants to be part of this tournament Niklas Süle. Opposite the Sport Picture The defensive tackle, who tore his cruciate ligament on October 19 last year, said he saw his European Championship chances at “100 per cent.”

And in fact, the chances are not too bad that Süle at the pan-European European Championship for Germany can run up. If everything goes according to plan, the 24-year-old wants to play games for the FC Bayern Complete. “The goal would be to join the team in April. Then I know that it will take me a little while to get used to the game. Team training doesn’t mean ready to play.”

Süle on rehab after cruciate ligament tear: “There wasn’t a single day i doubted”

He never had any doubts that he could not put this plan into practice. “In terms of motivation, I’ve developed a lot: there wasn’t a single day when I doubted.”

The statements of Uli Hoeneß would have caused no doubt in him. Immediately after the serious injury, the then President of Bavaria had announced somewhat prematurely that Süle the “season is over”. “The European Championship is also on hold, you can totally forget it,” Hoeneß predicted at the time.

Comeback before the European Championship? Süle irritated by Hoeneß statements

However, even if it is already the second Crucial ligament tear In Süles Süle “calculated immediately after the diagnosis how long it will take until I can be back. It was immediately clear to me that there was enough time to make a full recovery before the European Championships,” Süle told the Sport Picture.

He would have been all the more annoyed by Hoeneß’s statements. “I was irritated by Uli Hoeneß’s statement,” admits Süle. “I needed this goal, the incentive to play for Bayern during the season and to Em to drive. That’s why I was surprised by The statement by Uli Hoeneß,” said the national player in the Sport Picture.

Niklas Süle: Now the national player is commenting on the European Championship – “My knee is so good that I…”

Update of February 21, 2020: The injured Bayern defender Niklas Süle continues to place great hopes in his comeback and the 2020 European Championship. At an athlete’s ceremony in the old Munich City Hall, where Süle was the double winner Medal the 24-year-old commented on his situation.

“My goal from day one was to help my team again this season,” said the DFB defender, who subsequently Forecast “My big goal is the European Championship. My knee is so good that I Summer for Germany can play.” Great words from the 1.95-Hünen – German coach Joachim Löw will be pleased with the news.

Niklas Süle: “Excellent to walk again and smell the grass” – His EM dream lives

Update of February 17, 2020:
Niklas Süle beamed all over the face and showed with outstretched thumb and small finger casually the surfer greeting: With the return to the Jogging the head of defence of the German national football team has won another important stage victory on his arduous journey to the European Championship in the summer – his EM dream Lives.

“After almost four months of being in this gym every day and doing a similar program, it was obviously great for me to come out, run again and smell the grass,” he said. Bayern-Profi After Monday’s 25-minute session, “That was the right time for me to take the next step.” Because until the Kick-off game the DFB-Elf at the EURO on 16 June against France in Munich still has four months left.

Niklas Süle: Will he be fit in time for the European Championship?

He had worked “really great” with his team, he said 24-time national team players after the first unit in football boots at So far there have been no complications: “I just realized that I’m running completely complaint-free, and that’s what counts.”

Süle, however, is “very happy with my knee and the healing process”. And Löw has already shown on several occasions in the past that it injured stars such as Sami Khedira (2014), Bastian Schweinsteiger (2016) or Manuel Neuer (2018) keeping a door open until the very end.

“This week…” – German coach Löw talks about comeback plans of Niklas Süle

Update from January 14, 2020: When to return Niklas Süle back? In October, the defender suffered a Crucial ligament tear, the operation also revealed meniscus damage. The then FC Bayern president Uli Hoeneß said at the time: “The European Championship can tick off Niklas completely!”

But what about now? Almost to the day exactly three months later, the 24-year-old is supposed to return to the Jogging Go. The German coach now revealed this at the DFL’s New Year’s reception: “Süle starts running training this week,” says Jogi Löw, who is Süle and the also injured Leroy Sané is in constant contact: “Leroy Sané has been back on the pitch for a long time and works with the ball, with him it looks different in time. In the case of Niklas we have to wait and see.”

In just under five months Löw will announce his European Championship squad, so there is still plenty of time for Süle. When he enters running training next week, the defensive boss of the FC Bayern to be on the right track.

Another team-mate from FC Bayern, meanwhile, is apparently on the verge of a comeback with the national team. The DFB is apparently considering nominating Thomas Müller for the 2020 Olympics.

FC Bayern Munich: Niklas Süle with mysterious news after cruciate ligament tear

First report of 07 January 2020: Munich – Niklas Süle knows it, waiting for a comeback. The defensive cabinet of the FC Bayern Munich is currently recovering from a cruciate ligament tear – in 2014 the injury put him out of action for months.

The fact that Süle is missing The Bavarians has become even clearer in the recent past. Defensively, Munich have rarely been saddle-proof this season, with 22 goals against being the worst score of the Bundesliga top trio.

Niklas Süle: FC-Bayern star facing an imminent comeback? Mysterious message

How long will Süle be missing from FCB after his second cruciate ligament tear? Quite as fast as with Leroy Sané, who is already on the verge of his comeback, should not be able to do it with the interior defender. But still: Süle seems to be motivated.

Or how to explain his latest Instagram post? The 24-year-old shared a picture. On it: Süle himself in Bayern jersey and jubilant pose. Will he be seen again soon? Under the picture, he posted two emojis: an arrow and an hourglass.

Niklas Süle: Injured Bayern star reports – Instagram picture gives fans hope

What can this mean? In combination with the smiling Süle in the photo, there is probably only one thing: he will return soon! Of course, this is what the fans, who diligently post hearts and biceps emojis under the picture, want. Or is everything completely different and Süle suggests that his return will take even longer?

The question is: When will Süle be part of the Bayern squad again* and are fighting for titles* with the Munich players? It will probably take some time. Sané, for example, had “only” suffered a cruciate ligament tear and has been missing since August.

Meanwhile, Oliver Kahn has made it clear at his presentation how he wants to steer FC Bayern Munich in the future. He also spoke about the two goalkeepers Alexander Nübel and Manuel Neuer. Is Kahn already dealing with current transfer rumours? With a former object of desire, there is now an exciting development.

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