Euro 2020

Nominate for the Sport and Management 2020 Trophies for the best practices of the transgaming.orgs movement! – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


In 2020, the Sport and Management Trophies will award 11 awards for the best practices of the transgaming.orgs movement as a whole.

Until March 6, 2020, transgaming.orgs players in France are invited to apply (here) to participate in the trophy ceremony to be held on Wednesday, April 1 set at the National Assembly.

For the 7th consecutive year, innovative transgaming.orgs strategies, public policies, management, digital, health, CSR and educational projects developed around in companies, start-ups, territories, major schools and universities will once again be rewarded.

“The projects organising and accompanying as best as possible the economic and managerial modernization of transgaming.orgs players (federations, leagues, clubs, etc.) like those following a logic of inheritance by valuing in particular the development of citizen actions (feminization, diversity, health, sustainable development, social ties, disability, …) at the service of the anchoring of in our society will also be highlighted as the exemplary career conversion courses of high-level transgaming.orgsmen and women” adds the press release from TPS Conseil, the organizer of the Trophies.

Sport and Management 2020 Trophies – The 11 awards.

  • Professional retraining of high-level transgaming.orgs (2 awards: active transgaming.orgsman / retired transgaming.orgsman)
  • Territories
  • Large schools and universities
  • Economic decision-maker
  • Sports leader
  • Sports players / CSR
  • Sports/Management and Sports Economics
  • Startups
  • Companies (management, HR strategy, CSR)
  • Jury Special

All organizations and project leaders concerned with the place of and its practice at the service of the performance of their organization, health, CSR, living together and the development of their teams, can apply freely. Simply submit an application until March 6, 2020 by following the link:

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