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North Korea to play South Korea in Pyongyang – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


North Korea to play South Korea in Pyongyang - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is being one of the most controversial in the history of football. Beyond controversy over the date of the competition, the Asian qualifying stage has given one of the matches that will give more to speak in recent years, especially if we take into account geopolitics. The draw was that, in the second round of the TFA to qualify for the World Cup, the two teams from the Korean peninsula, along side lebanon, Turkmenistan and Sri Lanka, coincided with Group H. Since the draw ended, there have been doubts as to whether North Korea would admit to playing against neighbors in his home. As he has published Yonhap, the North Koreans have informed the Asian Football Confederation that they will harbor it.

The South Korean news agency has echoed the statement of the KFA, South Korean Football Association, in which it claimed that North Korea intends to host this party, which will be historic, at home. They have reported that North Korean federation has sent a message to the AFC informing the match on October 15 at 17:30 local time at Pyongyang’s Kim Il-Sung Stadium. The return match will be played on June 4 in South Korea.

The world will set its sights on this match. Tensions between the two countries continue to grow, especially following the North Koreans’ short-range missile tests in recent days. Many trust that the transgaming.orging gathering will serve to help peace and the end of the war between the two states.

29 years without South Korea playing in Pyongyang

North Korea’s acceptance of the match in its capital is a historic fact. The last time the two teams crossed was in the 2010 qualifiers, but on that occasion iNorth Koreans declined to play the party within their national territory and was played in a neutral field, specifically in Shanghai. To find the South Koreans’ last visit to the neighboring country in a football stadium we have to go back to 1990. It was in a friendly and the North Koreans won by a goal to zero.

The women’s teams already played in 2017

The first football ties between the two teams began to forge in April 2017, two years ago. The two women’s teams faced off at Kim Il-Sung Stadium, the same one where next October’s match will be played. It was a historic event. The stadium, with a capacity of 50,000 spectators, filled 80% of its capacity. Both teams played the Asian Cup qualifiers. The final result was a draw to one.