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"Nothing works without fun" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Nicole Billa has won the title of Austrian footballer of the year.

In the interview, she went looking for reasons for her purposeful fall in the dress from Ho99heim and the national team from 1899, revealed that the list of goal scorers is not so important to her and also talked about her future in football and her everyday life, outside of transgaming.orgs.

You are Austria's second football player of the year, what significance does this award have for you?

Billa: "I am really happy because it is a great honor, also a great respect and somehow something special, also because I certainly did not expect such an award. It makes me proud and it is also nice to see that myself if you don't play at home, people in Austria are concerned about how players play abroad. "

You are currently experiencing the best time of your career, what is the secret to success?

I have developed, especially in the game in the box and also physically. I also think that much of it is because I completed my training as an educator in the summer and now only work 16 hours instead of 38.5 hours. It makes a lot of difference because the stress level is no longer so high, the renewal time is simply much longer and there is more time for individual training.

How can work be reconciled with profit?

It can be arranged relatively well because the employer does not put any obstacles in my way. In Hoffenheim there is no player who does not study or does not work. I've always wanted to do something on the side. I love working with the kids, I like it, I like it, and it's a good balance for football.

14 goals in 13 games in the fall sounds good, right?

At the beginning of the season I did not expect 14 goals in the fall, I must honestly say. Of course, it is beautiful and shows me that I am on the right path. I may be very happy with the shape I am in at the moment, but there is still room for improvement, I can add a few percent in all areas.

Only Wolfsburg's Pernille Harder (18) is ahead of you on the score list. How much do you see there?

I don't look at the top scorer list at all. People always talk to me about it. In the end, I don't care because I want to play my game, and Pernille is going to play his game, and there are probably others who are in the race. You know how fast it can go. In the end, a player will win the race, for me personally it is not very important. The most important thing for me is that I can help the team and that we celebrate success together.

Hoffenheim is in second place like never before, what's your part in it?

It would be too easy to just link it to Nici Billa. Forward living from the other players around, without them I would not score. Before the season we set ourselves the goal that we want to solve it more playfully, and we succeed very well. We have evolved a lot as a team, and the unity and understanding of the team is huge.

Did you expect such a strong fall?

We already knew we were good, but we didn't quite think we would be in second place after the fall. But it is nice and a great learning effect for us that you are now a bit the chased and not the one who is hunting.

Are you blowing to attack Wolfsburg in the spring?

Anyone who knows Wolfsburg knows that they are already European leaders and that they have very strong players inside. We are a team that comes from the collective, everything must work. Our goal is therefore still to reach the 40 point mark, it will be for the first time for us and a large piece that we reach there. In any case, we will continue to work on our plan to collect as many points as possible.

Your contract expires in the summer of 2021, what are you planning for in the future?

I leave the future open because I am not such a person who wants to limit me in some way. Maybe I'll go somewhere else again. But I live mainly in the here and now, for me, today and tomorrow count. I think the surroundings here are super nice, the club works very family-like, which is very important to me because I am already a person who must feel comfortable in a club. "

Your ÖFB colleagues Manuela Zinsberger and Viktoria Schnadenbeck sometimes play in front of almost 40,000 spectators in England, aren't you jealous?

These are insane numbers. You can only wish that for every player she experiences, these are absolutely impressive experiences that you will not soon forget. In Germany, not many people are watching at the moment, but I can't say why.

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2020 is also an exciting year for the national team. How do you see the double against France in qualifying for the European Championships?

We slept well with 12 points from 4 games. The duels with top opponents France will be a challenge for us, which we are all happy to accept. You have to put a leg on France first, but Dominik (note: team manager Thalhammer) will prepare us well and we must try to do well. "

"Nothing works without fun"

 - Transgaming 1

As a 23-year-old you are already number three in the eternal ÖFB dry ranking, how does that sound and must record player Nina Burger quake soon?

It sounds good anyway, but it's still a long and difficult way to get to Nina. There are still some years in between. I don't put any pressure on myself, I just want to play my game and score goals. "

What is your brief summary of 2019?

BTå year was very educational, partly exciting, because it was such a development. It was a very good year to say goodbye to New Year's Eve.

What are your wishes for 2020?

The most important thing is that we are all healthy and happy, that we remain harmless, and that you have fun doing what you do because nothing works without fun.