Spanish football

Numancia storms carranza in a second part of madness – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Numancia stormed Carranza (2-4) in a match in which the VAR was the absolute protagonist. The party had two well-defined parts. In the first, two goals. Perea to overtake the yellows and Derik to draw. In the second, the agitation with the VAR as the protagonist; and with goals from Curro (2), Querol and Higinio.

He left Vidorreta at the beginning with Gus Ledes. Carrión wanted to reward him by giving him confidence. The truth is that in Numancia started the match with very clear ideas: taking the initiative and squeezing Cadiz on the way out of the ball. Higinio proved his fortune as soon as he started the game with a shy shot that padd Cifuentes smoothly.

However with Cadiz you can never trust yourself. The leader gets everything out and draws strength even when he gets the worst. On the first play they gave a metre to Perea in the band, the end was profiled and from the front he shot Dani Barrio hard to make the first (12′).

Coat/Flag Cadiz

The goal changed Numancia’s schemes and as the minutes passed, Cervera’s were feeling more comfortable. But football is capricious and this time, when the locals were better, the visitors achieved the goal of the draw. Those from Cervera fit few goals (they are the least goaltaken), but the standing ball is their outstanding subject. Derik tied to the edge of the rest, after finishing a corner on the second stick. He came alone.

The second part started with rhythm. Rhythm marked by the VAR. The Yellows first claimed a possible penalty for Salvi. And minutes later, the mess. He extremoted a ball on the side and fortuitously stepped on Moha. At first he saw the yellow, but after being warned from the VOR room, the referee changed his decision and ejected the player in surprising ways.

Shield/Numance Flag

The move deranged Cadiz and the team faltered for several minutes. First with a foul inside Espino’s own area, in a play where he couldn’t get anything out. Penalty after a new review in the VAR and Curro did not fail from eleven meters (65′). The end wanted more and with the yellows even without having assimilated the second, he got the third. The second from Curro.

With everything against him, Cadiz went on the desperate attack. Cervera gave way to Quezada and Querol and the two would star minutes later. The Gaditanos got into the match with one goal after the center of the side and subsequent defence failure. Querol was ready and got in to put the 2-3 hope (76′). There was still time ahead.

It seemed that it was the Sorians who were with 10. El Carranza flew his team led by a sensational Perea; and in the last few minutes they were able and deserved to draw on several occasions. It was attempted by Perea himself from outside the area, from within; Fali at the exit of a corner… But again it was Numancia who found the goal. Higinio put the 2-4 in a counter action and ended the hopes of a Carranza, which far from low arms, continued to cheer the team to the end. Great second half of visitors and commendable the effort of the locals, fighting against everything.