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Ødegaard celebrates its 21st birthday as LaLiga sensation – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Martin Ødegaard live in San Sebastian One of your happiest birthdays. The Norwegian player borrowed from Real Madrid 21 years ago being the true feeling of the first part of the national championship. His numbers and his game go unnoticed by anyone, and they have already made him one of the undisputed stars of La Liga. Strangely Ødegaard commemorates the years of the number appearing on the Royal Society shirt, 21; So, taking advantage of the coincidence, he decided to get around a commemorative shirt of his time at the San Sebastian entity with his 21st cartoon and designed by Mikel Serum (@marrazketabar) the official artist of the club.

21st birthday of Ødegaard you can't be happier with what you're getting with Realat the individual and collective level. The Norwegian is a vital piece for Sheriff Imanol and guilty of the Royal occupying the sixth position of the league. Noting its impressive level of play. too your personal statistic is really impressive, being above the txuri-urdin team average in all respects. Ødegaard already has three goals and four assists mid-season. And it could be better because it accumulates 18 kicks to the opposite goal, so it may be lacking a bit of efficiency with their shots, which were nine out of the three suits.


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Coat of Arms / Flag R. Sociedade

The data of Ødegaard they are concluded, above all, with their specialty, his great capacity for association. The Norwegian Footballer completed 853 passes from 8200 dice for Royal, staff that is above average for LaLiga. What stands out in Ødegaard's statistics is his level of pass accuracy as he achieves 80% success, being one of the most risky players when playing on the opposite field. There is no doubt that the Nordic player does not stop growing, closely followed by Real Madrid, which can be recovered next summer, but the intention of Ødegaard It's cute the two-year assignment that both clubs agreed on last summer.