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Ødegaard chose Madrid ahead of Barcelona – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


It will be inevitable. All the lights in the Reale Arena point to Martin Ødegaard at Barcelona visit to play against Real Sociedad. Not for less. Because Norwegian crack will live its first & # 39; classic & # 39 ;, being LaLiga's unquestionable sentiment in this early part of the season. Ødegaardtoo can decisively help your team, a Real Madrid who gave him two campaigns at club San Sebastian, I got to Wednesday's classic ahead in the standings. And it is not a minor matter. But morbidity goes far beyond all that we just told. Ødegaard will be in the eye of the hurricane because he chose Real Madrid ahead of Barcelona, ​​and will be the first time he faces the Catalans, who bid for their services when the Norwegian was only 16 years old. He opted for the white.


Coat of Arms / Flag R. Sociedade

Barcelona's interest revealed this week Ødegaard in an interview in Gipuzkoa News. The Partner Question Mikel Recalde It was very straightforward. "When the Odegaard boom exploded, did Barca call you too?" In response, the Norwegian was also very direct, avoiding dribbling. Respond naturally and with great maturity "It could be. There were a lot of teams that called my dad and traveled there once (to Barcelona), but in the end he didn't leave.". And signed for Real Madrid. And now borrowed from the Royal Society will play for the first time against Messi's Barça, who has no qualms about admitting that she admires. "Of course I like his style. He's the best player of Cristiano and I can learn a lot from him, seeing how he does things, but he's on another level and I don't want to compare my game or anything to him.", he says blushing when compared to the Argentine star.

Ødegaard awaits Barcelona spectacularly. In Valladolid couldn't shine last week, but Real's best chances are reborn from his boots. And on the last date in Reale Arenaliterally left. Partidazo, assistance and great goal for the team. The Norwegian in its purest form. His duel with Messi is presumed to be spectacular.. Two gold lefties. A consecrated one. The other with a bright future ahead. For now, from txuri-urdin. And with a long start simply spectacular, already being the September player of the competition.

Only a premature injury has prevented Ødegaard from shining even brighter this year. So good is it with the ball in the feet that rivals can only stop it with fouls. And in one in Vigo, they hunted him. He took advantage of the last stop of the league to recover and returned in time to debut in his field & # 39 ;, Santiago Bernabéu. Just a few glimpses of its tremendous quality. But he still didn't have the pace of competition. I had to reset, and he did it against Eibarin the same scenario where you will receive the Barcelona. Already in Madrid it was on everyone's lips. They wanted to put pressure on the young Norwegian promise being formed in situ. San Sebastian. But the Norwegian is used to playing with pressure. And that didn't affect him.

Nor does it affect him that every day we talk about whether or not he will return to Madrid at the end of the season. Because he is clear about his plan and repeats it as a mantra: "The plan is two years at the Royal, I am clear." But no one knows that such a plan could be precipitated by a good game against Barcelona. A good performance against Messi can change your destiny and get Florentino Pérez's call ahead of time.. This is how this business often works. And Ødegaard knows that. But nothing imitates it. He has lived since so young in the light of the media that he is more mature than age says. At the Reale Arena, it will again be the center of all eyes. Defending Real Sociedad, with Barça in front, you can start changing your destiny. It is before another exam. The requirement increases. Confirm your exquisite start as txuri-urdin against the Golden Ball. Ødegaard plays his first & # 39; Classic & # 39; before the big classic. Agree, gentlemen.