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Okazaki, Christ and Escriche do not convince – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Sociedad Deportiva Huesca will use another winter market to find a breakthrough center for their team. Rodrigo, Tariq, David Mainz, Arruabarrena, Vinicius and Enric Gallego were chosen to reinforce the attack in the last decade. A customary December search at the Barça club that was launched after the analysis of the coaching staff of its three strikers throughout the first round of the championship. In 18 games, Barca's strikers have completed 48 kicks between Okazaki, Cristo and Escriche to score just five goals.

The offensive trident failed to make a difference in the four months that the competition has accumulated and the club wants to add a battering ram that can complete Míchel's variants for Oscense's attack. Okazaki proved to be the most complete striker and scored three goals. The Japanese saw how the VAR annulled him five goals and for the past two days he has been substitute for Escriche, who seems to be the striker who likes the coach, although he has not yet been the goal scorer.

On the other hand, Christ has the profile of second striker Míchel and has always tried to complement the other two points and in the 12 games he played, he scored only two goals, both in Fernando Torres de Fuenlabrada. The coaching staff believes the three strikers can be good additions to a born defender. Rubén García, the club's sports director, has started work and is looking for alternatives in the market to bolster the club's attack on Huesca. The chief sports manager is also following the hiring of a defensive midfielder that replaced the loss of Damián Musto, which could result in Inter Porto Alegre.

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Okazaki will start in Anduva

Míchel prepares changes for Saturday's game in Anduva and it seems that the main news will be the return of Okazaki to the point of attack. In addition, the coach needs to find a substitute for Mosquera, who will lose the match by penalty and the coach doubts between Mikel Rico or Seoane as spare parts of Galicia to occupy the pivot position. The coach still has two more sessions to shape the team that will try to beat the Mirandés.